3 Steps You Can Take to Introduce New Technology to Your Customer Base

Posted on Thu, Apr 28, 2016 @ 10:30 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

New_Technology_to_Your_Customer_Base.jpgJust as we talked about being wary of technology in your workplace for your employees, the same cautionary tale must be harped upon for your customers, too!

Understanding your target audience’s tech savviness is an important factor when rolling out a new version of a product or service (depending on your industry, of course). 

One thing always remains true: Most people aren’t quick to react well to change. Your customers are human, too, after all! In fact, keep in mind you may get a backlash or slew of complaints as kinks are sorted out with anything new (which is a natural occurrence no matter how much you may prep ahead of time).

The best thing to do in lieu of this is to be transparent about the change. Don’t make it a secret, or be unwilling to make adjustments.

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Here are a few other pointers to keep in mind with new front-facing tech to your customers:

Communicate Your Intentions & Benefits With the Change

Even though most of us mutter under our breath for changes (take for example Facebook’s constant algorithm updates), we eventually go with the flow and move on if it makes things easier and benefits us.

If you’re upfront about why you’re changing something, if it’s with the intention of bettering a customer’s experience, chances are they’ll be more understanding if something doesn’t go according to plan. This is especially true once they hop over the learning curve.

Give Time For Things to Sink in

Changing something dramatically overnight usually isn’t a good thing for customers. If you alter an app interface or an e-commerce menu, this can put a damper on your regulars or make them feel disoriented.

Send out an email to your database notifying them of the change, and include images if it’s a website change. That way, you can answer and address their questions. Not only that, but you can also make them aware of what to expect. 

Encourage Feedback From Customers

Never be afraid to ask for your customers’ opinion, even if it’s not what you want to hear. It will make your customers feel valued just knowing that you want to hear from them. At the end of the day, gather this: People want to be heard. By doing this, you’ll create repeat customers and evangelists of your brand.

We do this with our customers through SiteJabber, where we ask for their rating of our customer support team. It’s a great tool, and can help with any new technology being rolled out!

The Core Principles of New Technology

After a while, everyone adapts to new technology one way or another. While you can’t prevent complaints or backlash for an initial new technology, you can do everything possible to mitigate the amount of backlash received.

If you’re a company that depends on online services, customers know these changes are bound to happen, such as security updates, etc.

Let your customers know you value them, and the rest will come--even with new tech.

Since we practice what we preach, we here at nexogy have a Features Guide to help inform our prospects and customers about all the great perks that come included with our business phone system. Feel free to check it out below:

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