4 Communication Applications for Business Productivity

Posted on Thu, Sep 27, 2012 @ 11:39 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

4 Communication Applications for Business ProductivityThe life of the modern business professional is hectic. Strong increases in workflow or multi-location operations have created the need for solutions that simplify business processes.

The remote worker revolution is upon us, and mobile applications help busy professionals stay connected, keep track of daily tasks, and remain plugged-in on the go. Many also prove to help businesses increase efficiency and productivity. 

This post highlights our top 4 tools for your increasingly mobile workforce, including: unified communications, Google apps for business, find-me-follow-me technology, and advanced voicemail.

1. Unified Communications (UC) Applications

UC applications, like Cisco Jabber, enable communications from any device and any workspace. With instant messaging, voice, video, desktop sharing and conferencing capabilities, co-worker collaboration has never been easier. 

Features are available in the workplace or on the go through the cloud, allowing meetings to take place anywhere there is an Internet or mobile connection.

2. Google Applications

Google’s Apps Marketplace provides the tools that impact the daily operations and bottom lines of your business, including streamlined, efficient solutions in the areas of accounting, project management, customer management and more. 

Google’s application marketplace for business also serves as a central location to house apps in one place for quick and easy mobile access and collaboration within the tools themselves.

3. Find-Me-Follow-Me

Never miss an important call when you are able to forward office calls directly to your mobile phone. Find-Me-Follow-Me technology allows businesses to transform how they think about mobile communications and phone system capabilities.

Find-Me-Follow-Me gives smartphones, tablets or any touchtone phone the ability to appear as if you were making calls from your office line through VoIP technology, which in turn makes your business appear larger and more professional.

Calls can be routed to specific devices based on time of day or day of week, making company personnel more accessible to customers and clients.

4. Advanced Voicemail

The days of a static voicemail location are over. Today’s voicemails can be received in a variety of mediums to meet your unique needs, including voicemail transcription as a text, email, or .wav file within an email.

Notifications of received voicemails are also no longer solely housed within the phone’s voice mailbox. Text or email notifications, as well as visual voicemail logs, can be accessed from any device or computer through a web browser to add extra assurance that your employees will never miss an important message. 

Final Thoughts & Additional Resources

New technologies emerge daily, and like those listed above, some have the potential to revolutionize the ways in which your business operates and collaborates.

Applications that enable professionals to streamline processes and stay connected ultimately improve your business’ overall productivity and customer satisfaction. Create the workflow necessary to truly develop your business.

Stay on top of the latest mobile technologies—check out these business productivity application resources:

What applications have enabled your business to grow? Share your favorites in the comments below.


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