5 Call Center Reporting Features You Need Most

Posted on Fri, Feb 22, 2013 @ 01:02 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

on callHow long would you be willing to stay on the phone with a customer? Even those with a powerful commitment to customer service might have a tough time beating the most recent record: 10 hours and 29 minutes.

That’s how long a customer service representative from online shoe seller Zappos stayed on the phone with a buyer in late 2012. Far from viewing the call as an inconvenience, the company treated it as just another opportunity to provide its legendary customer service.

The Zappos story points to a larger trend in customer service: customers still overwhelmingly prefer phone interaction—and customer service provided over the phone can make or break your business, according to the Forrester 2011 Consumer Preference Report.

One of the most important ways to engage customers, attract new business and grow existing business is through reliable, effective and affordable call center technology. And one of the most important features of a call center solution is its ability to give you valuable reporting tools like actionable data and reliable records that provide useful customer service insights during and after every call.

Which Call Center Reporting Features Are Most Important?

There are 4 important features to look for when considering a call center solution. A call center solution with all of them is a powerful tool that can improve your customer service and bottom line.

1. Accurate Call Recording

Call recording provides you with training opportunities, call tracking information and ways to protect your company from legal actions by accurately logging calls. A reliable and effective call center solution should be able to track:

  • The call’s date.
  • The time of the call.
  • The caller’s number.
  • The number dialed.
  • The location of the call.
  • The call’s content.

Applied effectively, this information drives sales, improves operational efficiency, identifies problems in customer service workflows, provides examples of good and bad calls to educate employees, and sets the record straight if a legal dispute arises.

2. Robust Analytics

Analytics help your team improve skills and sales by digging deeper into call data to streamline your operations. More background information leads to greater customer satisfaction, better margins and decreased IT spend. To take advantage of all call center analytics has to offer, look for a solution that logs:

  • The number of calls answered.
  • The number of agents logged into the system.
  • How many agents are ready to receive calls.
  • How many agents are on calls.
  • The average talk time for your calls.

With these data points in a central, easily accessible location, drawing insights from your operational track record is extremely easy, useful and timely. Because analytics are tracked in real-time, you’re able to check the pulse of your business at any time—and pivot to address issues accordingly.

3. Streamlined Call Management

A call center solution with robust reporting doesn’t just provide you with data to look back on, but data that is useful in the moment. In tandem with analytics, call management features make it easy to distribute calls effectively—often automatically. Look for a call center solution with reporting features that allow you to:

  • Route calls to different employees based on their workload.
  • Set up smart rules to prevent call overflows.
  • Route calls quickly and effectively, leading to faster call pickup times and shorter hold times.

With the above functionality, your workflows become more efficient. That means happier customers: 89% of customers reported doing business with a competitor after a poor customer service experience, according to the 2011 Customer Experience Impact Report published by RightNow Technologies. The same report indicates that a stunning 86% of customers will pay more for better customer service.

4. Useful CRM Integration

Accurate call recording, powerful analytics and streamlined call management help establish first contact with customers. But great customer service isn’t just about that first phone call; it’s also about nurturing and expanding the relationship with your customers.

To do that, having the technology to follow-up with customers, track information throughout the buying cycle and find new leads is critical. 

With the right software integration, your calls aren’t just reported: they also become a platform to launch even more customer outreach and further drive sales.

5. Continual improvement

Do your employees receive continual feedback on performance? Do you know how customers are being talked to on calls? Use monitor, coach and barge-in features to train employees and ensure great service across the organization.

For more on this features, check out our in-depth feature post, “Monitor, Coach and Barge-In: Real-Time Call Center Solutions."

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