5 Types of Businesses That Really Need a Hosted PBX

Posted on Tue, Mar 4, 2014 @ 01:45 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Due to time and money savings associated with hosted PBX systems, businesses can focus on keeping customers happyHosted PBX is a type of business phone system that lets even very small businesses have sophisticated communications without a big up-front investment. With hosted PBX, a business only purchases phones, and the hosted PBX provider operates and maintains the phone service using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology.

Hosted PBX systems offer your business flexibility. Your employees can work from home, in the field, or while traveling using their mobile phones, while still being connected to the work phone system. With this type of phone system, businesses have all the great features enterprise phone systems have enjoyed at a fraction of the cost. Here are 5 types of businesses that benefit greatly from hosted PBX systems.

1. Rapidly Growing Businesses

When you have a hosted PBX business phone system, adding new lines can be done very quickly, often by making configuration changes through a convenient web portal. You don't have to wire your office for phones you think you'll need this time next year, and you can add only the phones you need, so you never end up paying for unused lines. Business growth is difficult to predict, but a hosted PBX system makes your phone system growth easy to accomplish, without running wires or incurring the big costs associated with old-fashioned business phone systems.

2. Seasonal Businesses

If your business adds half a dozen interns every summer, you can easily add new phone lines right before they arrive and delete those lines when they leave. If your company does most of its business around the Christmas holidays, you can scale your phone system up to coincide with an influx of customers rather than paying year-round for phone lines that go unused. If you run a tax preparation business, you can scale your phone system up and down to correspond to the time of year when people prepare their tax returns.

3. Businesses With Call Centers

Hosted PBX allows your call center to give better service, with fewer interruptions, at lower cost.A hosted call center can be far more financially efficient than a traditional call center. Not only are big up-front capital investments in phone systems unnecessary, a hosted PBX provider manages the system and can also give you statistics and reports that can help you run your call center as effectively and efficiently as possible. And should your call center become temporarily inaccessible for workers (due to a major snowstorm, for example), a hosted PBX system allows employees to work from home or wherever they are as long as they have broadband internet service.

4. Businesses Planning to Move

You've rented office space, but you don't anticipate staying there for more than a year or two. If you install a traditional PBX system, it will not only be expensive, but moving it will be a major ordeal. With hosted PBX business phone systems, moving offices is much simpler. All you do is move the phones, and when your new office has broadband, your hosted PBX system is ready to go in its new location. With hosted PBX, you're not tethered to office space that you plan to move out of eventually.

5. Businesses With Small Budgets

Your business may be small, but it's run by accomplished professionals, and you want your business to have a professional interface with customers. Because hosted PBX systems are so much more affordable than traditional business phone systems, you can have all those desirable features (like auto-attendant, find-me / follow-me, call forwarding, and conferencing) that big enterprises have, without breaking the bank. A hosted PBX system lets your business solidify its professional reputation from day one.

Hosted PBX systems are revolutionizing business communications. While offering significantly lower costs than traditional hardwired systems, hosted PBX also gives you flexibility, scalability, and convenience. You won't have to wait until your business becomes large and established to have the kind of phone system that your clients and customers expect. And call quality today is indistinguishable from call quality on traditional phone systems. At Nexogy, we provide hosted PBX systems that can be customized to your particular business needs, and that allow you to serve your customers professionally with continuity of service, while you enjoy all the features your business needs to succeed.

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