6 Things You Never Knew A Business Phone Could Do

Posted on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 06:16 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Business phoneIf you've heard anything about IP phone systems, you may know that they cost less than traditional systems and that they have lots of features other systems don't have. Far beyond just making phone calls, IP systems can help your business run more smoothly, with less staff, and make a number of things much easier to do.

Because IP phone systems run on a data network, they have many capabilities related to data storage and reporting that would be impossible with another kind of system. Another aspect of IP phones that adds to their versatility is the extent to which much of the system can be automated, making further streamlining possible.

Here are 6 things you never knew a business phone could do:

1) Automate calling lists

 This automatic directory feature has many applications for businesses. Doctors' offices never have to make another appointment reminder call manually, and can even fill appointments automatically when cancellations occur. Also, all kinds of businesses can set up their systems to automatically call employees when shifts need to be covered due to illness or increased volume.

2) Route calls to different devices sequentially

With the find me follow me feature, employees can set up their line to ring at several locations at once. Not only that, but lines can also be set up to ring at the office first, then after a few rings, to a mobile device, then to the home phone. If there is still no answer, the call finally goes to voicemail.

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3) Transcribe voicemails to email

When a call does drop into voicemail, the system automatically transcribes it into an email, which allows employees to access their messages even when on another call or at a time when they can't check voice messages, such as in a meeting.

4) Set calls to do not disturb

Users can temporarily stop calls from coming to their phones at times when they are unavailable. This feature could be useful for employees seeking work life balance or for times when they just can't take phone calls, like during that important meeting with the boss.

5) Coach customer calls unobtrusively

Using the barge and whisper features, trainers can listen to employees as they handle customer calls and can coach them in what to say without customers hearing anything. These features can help improve customer service skills.

6) Secure the workplace with a buzzer system

IP phones can be integrated with an analog phone to enable two-way calling with visitors. The door can be unlocked from your phone for those you want to let in, making the workplace more secure for employees.

Having the right business phone is essential. IP phone systems offer many more features than legacy systems at a much lower cost. If your business phone system can't do all this and more, it's time to seriously consider a switch.

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.



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