7 Things a Hosted Phone System Can't Do

Posted on Fri, Aug 1, 2014 @ 02:54 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Hosted phone systems offer affordability, flexibility, and plenty of great features.

Hosted phone systems are the first choice of an increasing number of businesses. Small start-ups appreciate the affordability and connectivity they offer. Larger, established enterprises like the flexibility offered by hosted phone systems when their landline PBX system becomes obsolete. 

And companies looking to contain costs love features like easy mobile integration and audio conferencing, which can save big money on mobile plans and travel. There's no question that hosted phone systems have much to offer.

Alas, there are still some things a hosted phone system can't do. Here are 7 of them:

1. Make Your Coffee

For some workers, coffee makes the world go 'round, especially before 10 a.m. But there are often complications. Someone left the pot almost empty rather than starting a new pot. Your favorite K-cup flavor is always the first one the office runs out of. Or the new intern confuses the decaf and regular and you don't figure this out until you're nodding off at your desk in the middle of the afternoon. Maybe someday custom coffee will be part of your hosted phone system, but that day isn't here yet.

2. Make That Client Spreadsheet Easier to Understand

When you make a spreadsheet yourself it makes perfect sense. You can easily pick out the averages, the billable hours, or the percentage increases. But when someone else makes a complicated spreadsheet, it might as well be written in runes. Sometimes you simply have to block out some time, check the formulas in the column headings, and manually run a few of the numbers to get them to make sense. Wouldn't it be great if you could screenshot a diabolically complex spreadsheet and have your phone system talk you through it? 

3. Create Non-Boring PowerPoint Presentations

Maybe you were around back in the day when everyone made overhead transparencies by hand, or printed them out from blank transparencies. Today we have PowerPoint and other presentation software that let us use beautiful imagery, motion, and even sound, yet many presentations are just as boring as they ever were. Too bad your hosted phone system can't call up someone creating a presentation and suggest adding a little color and movement.

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4. Make Motivational Posters Come True

Sometimes it's hard to stay motivated."Success is a journey, not a destination."
"Once you choose hope, anything is possible."
"Limitations are only in our minds."

There are going to be days when motivational posters in the break room seem to be mocking you. Your hosted phone system can't do the hard work you have to do to win clients and close deals, but it can make it much easier to stay in touch so you don't miss out on opportunities.

5. Prevent Burnt Microwave Popcorn

Wouldn't it be great if your phone system could detect when maximum popcorn success has been achieved and shut off the microwave before someone's afternoon snack turns the office into a bitter, smoky emporium of dashed snack dreams? Unfortunately there's still no substitute for watching the microwave and listening for the three-second pause between pops.

6. Stop Everyone from Remembering Your "Milestone" Birthday

Birthdays that end in "5" or "0" can be particularly stressful. And if you work where birthdays are heartily celebrated, you can count on being on the receiving end of jokes about being over the hill, or worse, a collection of black Mylar balloons that float above your cubicle announcing your age. There's no "birthday amnesia" feature on phone systems, so you might as well make the most of it and at least enjoy some cake.

7. Make Sense of Jargon Overload

You've received a memo stating "We want to circle back to the client-facing pain points, take ownership of the low-hanging fruit, and step up to the plate with our incentivized solutions." Does anyone know what that means? You know you're great at what you do, but maybe you should practice using jargon so you're not blindsided. Then, next time someone suggests you "Touch base and blue sky the Jenkins project," you can at least say, "Let me parking lot the ideas for the Schwartz account so I can drill down and find the value-adds."


The hosted phone system has capabilities well beyond those of yesterday's landline system, and costs less up front and month to month. Nexogy is a leading provider of hosted phone systems that bring you enterprise-level features like voicemail transcription and audio conferencing at remarkably affordable rates. Nexogy can't ensure no one will steal your fridge sodas or take the good parking spaces, but we can ensure your business telecommunications are second to none.

Next step: Contact Nexogy and find out for yourself the amazing things hosted phone systems can do.

Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.


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