CEO Q&A: An Inside Look at Nexogy’s ACD Queue

Posted on Wed, Jan 23, 2013 @ 10:34 AM by Juan Canto

ACD Queue flowNexogy’s CEO Carlos Lahrssen (@lahrssen) recently sat down to discuss the features and benefits of one of Nexogy’s most popular offerings — the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) queue.

We’ve transcribed the conversation below, grouping responses by topic: business needs and cost, ACD features, and business advantages.

Business Needs & Costs

Juan Canto (JC): To begin, let’s discuss how the ACD queue works. How does an ACD queue handle varied customer needs? Is there an option to customize proper call allocation?

Carlos Lahrssen (CL): There are many ways to handle incoming calls depending on a customer need. Some companies will use different toll-free numbers for different departments (ex. American Express existing customers vs. new customers).

Companies like AmEx have different numbers depending on the type of service they offer, however, they are able to transfer a call to a different department without having to provide the number to the customer expecting him to hang up the call and dial again. This can be achieved with various modes of ACD configurations where the transfer or handle of the call is to another queue or directly to an agent of that separate inbound department.

Another way is to capture the ANI (automatic number identification, or caller ID), and route the call to the nearest or assigned location. This is typical for handling ACD in different time zones (American Airlines) or simply routing after hour calls (All State Independent Agents).

JC: Is there a solution for in-house and remote call center attendants?

CL: In our mobile workforce, a call center can be located anywhere employees can connect to a device. The attendants or auto-attendants route the call depending on the caller need, or after pre-specified rules like time zone or location. Also, a home line or even cell phones can be used so agents can not only work remotely on a daily basis, but companies have a solution for any disaster recovery contingency plan. 

JC: What’s the estimated cost of this type of ACD system?

CL: With a hosted call center solution like that of Nexogy, the cost is usually directly based on how many seats the business has, as well as variables like outbound long distance or incoming toll-free per minute charges.

Cost also depends on the type of contact center the business uses. If a hybrid call center is offered with predictive dialing capabilities, the cost per seat is significantly higher because of resources needed by the service provider. In any case, no hardware cost, other than perhaps IP phones, is required.

Core ACD Features

JC: What are the core features of the Nexogy ACD Queue? 

CL: Our ACD system is a 100% hosted solution, including IVR and auto attendant options; ACD based upon longest idle; top to bottom or a host of other features; coaching, barge-in and monitoring options; agent log-in and log-out; calls held in queue; overflow call re-direction once max queue has been reached; and real-time agent reporting, status and statistics.

JC: Which features have Nexogy customers found impact business most?

CL: The features current Nexogy customers have found most helpful were real-time agent supervision, real-time call reporting, and ACD queuing options. 

Screen shot of Nexogy’s ACD queue interface.

Advantages of the ACD Queue System

JC:  In closing, what are the main advantages of using an ACD queue, and how can it benefit business operations?

CL: First, customer flexibility. The system is location agnostic for the agent because the ACD queue call center service is 100% hosted. The supervisor can monitor, coach or barge-in on agents even when at a separate location. The supervisor dashboard provides for a location agnostic environment even for the call center supervisor.

Second, cost savings. The hosted call center model eliminates TCO and reduces CapEx significantly.

Finally, a variety of call displacement options allow for real-time interaction with CRMs.

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