Call Center CRM Integration: Spotlight for Auto Dealerships

Posted on Thu, Apr 25, 2013 @ 09:44 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

smart carWith call center CRM integration, your business has access to more complete information for increased sales, and support, success. In this post, we illustrate this point through examples from the auto industry.

Buying a car is a personal experience, full of preferences. Make, color, features, and more—these are considerations each car buyer makes prior to purchase that impact your ability to make a sale. Once the car is sold, service and maintenance records take over to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Give your business every advantage: know as much about each customer as you can to assist him or her with his or her current buy, and better serve him or her when they make their next purchase. Implementing call center CRM integrations is one way to make sure your auto business is at an advantage, and customers receive a superior experience.

Impress the Frequent Caller

Whether it’s a customer who wants real-time updates on the status of their oil change or maintenance work, or a customer who wants to learn more about their purchased vehicle, you may have more than a few customers who call back after the sale.

Because a customer should be in the dealer’s customer database as a result of call center CRM integration, there should be a profile match for the caller ID when the caller dials the dealer to check on the status of his or her car. As soon as the call is answered, his or her profile pops up with history and relevant information there, readily available.

With this knowledge, your team is better able to predict caller concerns, note when the last call occurred, check-in on status updates on the maintenance of their vehicle, and more, to help steer the conversation in the right direction from the start.

Equip Your Team with Dial Out Capabilities

As often as customers will give you a call, you will give customers frequent calls for updates on their vehicles, schedule needed maintenance, or to share special promotional offers.

Once again, use integrated call center and CRM profiles to your advantage. Before the customer answers, run through the following checks:

  • Note whether others have reached out to this particular caller already.
  • If so, note when the call occurred and what the call was about.
  • Track the status of customer vehicles (if in service).
  • And check out any recent touch points for full background before you pick up the phone.

The Repeat Buyer

Congrats! You’ve succeeded in making that important first sale, and better yet—now buyers are coming back to your business for more. Stand out and treat these individuals like VIPs, not like strangers you’ve never met before.

Review previous call notes from call center profiles to determine buyer preferences and build background on each buyer.

Did they have specific preferences on make or model? Do they prefer certain colors? Will they require unique features before they’ll sign? 

Use this information to know what each buyer will need to look for before they tell you.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s for a purchase, a general inquiry, or a payment question or consultation use call center CRM to help your business succeed with your customer base.

Gain the insight you need to know what drives each customer’s unique set of preferences. 

What customer information helps you make the sale? Let us know in the comment section below.


*Car image used under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license, original photo by Mick.

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