Call Center Q&A: Features, Functionality and Real-Time Reporting

Posted on Thu, Jan 10, 2013 @ 04:27 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

A call center question and answer session with Robert (Bob) Jans.

At Nexogy, we've tried to take the complexity out of the call center—so you can focus on running your business, not running your service department. To help better understand all that Nexogy’s call center has to offer, I sat down with our VP of sales and business development, Robert (Bob) Jans, to discuss some of our more popular product questions. The discussion is transcribed below.

Carlos Lahrssen (CL): Could you briefly describe Nexogy’s call center functionality?

Robert Jans (RJ): No problem, Carlos. Overall, Nexogy’s live call center provides the features and functionalities of a Fortune 500 company’s call center solution. With automatic call distribution (ACD), call recording, and call monitoring and coaching options coupled with detailed customized reporting and real-time stats, our customers have total call center control—increasing overall business productivity exponentially.

CL: With so many advanced features to choose from, what would you say is the top benefit for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), as well as the top benefit for enterprise clients?

RJ: For SMBs, it’s cost savings. We've eliminate the need for heavy capital expenses by hosting our feature-rich call center in the cloud.

Enterprise clients enjoy Nexogy’s call center customizations—it’s a flexible platform that integrates well with most technology enterprises have already invested in. Like SMBs, larger businesses will also see financial savings while maintaining advanced features.

CL: What types of software and/or products can integrate or collaborate with Nexogy’s call center for increased functionality?

RJ: Virtually any telephony application programming interface (TAPI) enabled CRM integrates. For example, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

CL: In specific terms of cost savings for SMBs, what is the typical cost to activate Nexogy’s suite of call center technology?

RJ: A typical 10-seat call center with one supervisor and all the advanced features our suite offers, will cost a typical SMB less than $500 per month, including the hosted PBX line.

CL: Continuing on the trend of savings, what's the difference for clients using Nexogy’s call center over another similar product or service?

RJ: Most premised-based solutions can run up thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, and may quickly become obsolete. With Nexogy’s live call center you’ll always have the best technology available for around $50 a seat. Updates, improvements, added features, etc., are always available as they come without expensive fork-lift upgrades.

CL: Along with cost savings, what differentiators separate Nexogy’s hosted call center and an on-premise base call center?

RJ: With a hosted solution like Nexogy, you have numerous benefits you can’t get in an on-premise solution, including disaster recovery. Because the call center is hosted in the cloud, you can move functions anywhere you have a viable internet connection. Your employees can work from home or anywhere in the world, just as if they were physically at the same location and can still be monitored and coached. Your solution will never be obsolete, as we are always enhancing the product with the latest technologies. As this is a hosted service, customers also avoid completion of maintenance contracts.

CL: Many features of the call center track incoming and outgoing calls effectively. How can call tracking measurement be utilized for real-time reports?

RJ: Our customizable Wallboard (see picture below) lets customers see dozens of the key metrics that matter most to your business in real time on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world. It’s currently the number one favorite feature among our SMB call center customers.

wall board

CL: What type of companies could benefit most from the product’s detailed call recording and reporting features?

RJ: Because financial firms, legal firms and debt collection agencies will need strong records of their contacts and call logs for billing purposes, all could all greatly benefit from usage of these features.

CL: This sounds great in conversation. Are there any additional resources that our readers can check out if interested in more details?

RJ: I just wrapped up a video series on call center. It breaks down features such as the Wallboard, ACD queue and real-time reporting.

CL: Are there any additional features currently in the works? If so, when will they debut?

RJ: We are working on the next generation hosted predictive dialer, which we are targeting for launch in the first quarter of 2013. 

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