Featured Tip: Don't Let Unanswered Calls Go To Voicemail

Posted on Fri, Dec 28, 2012 @ 08:49 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Do you hate checking voicemails, but do not want to miss unanswered calls? It's an easy fix — just forward those calls to the number of your choice.

For example: You call me, it rings, and I don't answer. Instead of sending the call to my voicemail inbox, it can go to any number I've provided, such as a work or home phone number, to centralize my voicemails.*  

Here's how: 

Step 1: Dial the following number just as you would dial any number:
  • *004* [insert the phone number you wish to forward to, starting with 1] # 
  • For Example, if the number you want to forward to is 1-555-555-7755, dial "*004* 15555557755#" and click Send. 
Step 2: Once the Settings Activation appears, click Dismiss. 

That's it! All unanswered calls will not hit your voicemail, they will go the the new selected number. Enjoy! 

* Note: This feature is available for AT&T and T-Mobile wireless clients.

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