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Posted on Fri, May 24, 2013 @ 09:09 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

With Nexogy’s Qolabora web conferencing and online meetings solution, collaboration has never been easier. Robust features provide your business with all they may need to engage, learn, and collaborate.

Engage Your Audience

Hold your audience at attention. Qolabora provides a variety of interactive features and capabilities to make your next meeting dynamic. 

Robust options include:

  • Capabilities to host an audience of any size. Conduct meetings large or small to accommodate meetings of any type. Whether it’s a quick catch-up call, software demonstration, or a large-scale company-wide town hall-style meeting, Nexogy Qolabora is equipped to help you spread the word.
  • Feedback features to help you manage presentation pace and audio quality. Are your audience members having trouble hearing you? Are listeners having trouble understanding what you’re talking about because you’re speaking either too slowly or too quickly for them to understand what you’re saying? Respond to their instant feedback—speed up, slow down, and improve overall listening capabilities for your audience members.

Interactive Learning

Spread your company message, teach, and learn through online opportunities. With Qolabora, there are options readily available for your business. Evaluate your needs, and then utilize the software to your advantage to host: 

Qolabora supports on-demand offerings as well, so your team can attend pre-recorded webinars or training sessions when it’s most convenient for them. On the backend, you can track attendance and engagement, and record sessions for future playback.

Encourage Collaboration

Encourage and utilize the feedback of others on your team. Real-time feedback features, including integrated chat and video, can help the presenter better understand their audience, and adjust as needed. Use these tools to your advantage.

Screen-share for increased collaboration and spread of knowledge and ideas—help audience and presenter remain on the same page. Take advantage of screen share when discussion topics suddenly appear and could be strengthened with an online visual component.

Media share features allow the presenter to share items such as YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations, and more for use within and outside of the presentation.

Get extra interactive with white-board features that allow audience members and the presenter to collaborate in real-time. Share concepts, edit and revise ideas, and more—the only feature limitation is your level of imagination.


Interested in the features and benefits, but curious about what the software will look like in action? Watch the video below to see how Qolabora Web meetings powered by Nexogy can meet all your online meeting needs.



What do you like most about your existing web meeting software? Let us know in the comment section below.

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