Call Center Data at Your Fingertips: nexogy’s Real-Time Reporting

Posted on Thu, Mar 14, 2013 @ 02:26 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

call centerThings that get measured get managed, business experts like to say. We couldn’t agree more. The health of your business and the effectiveness of your call center operations depend on insightful and actionable data.

Nexogy’s real-time reporting solutions provide just that: views you can use. With Nexogy solutions, take the pulse of your call center operations with the interactive wallboard. The wallboard is fully customizable, and shows you a variety of up-to-the-second stats, including: 

  • Inbound calls
  • Calls currently answered
  • Customers who have waited the longest
  • The average busy time
  • The average answer time
  • And more

The best part? You’ll never miss a thing: the wallboard lets you set alerts that notify call center managers when certain metrics hit specific thresholds — ensuring you’re always on top of your operations. That gives you a perfect picture of your business’ current operations, helping you overcome obstacles, streamline operations, and maintain profitability and performance.

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Carlos Lahrssen
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