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virtual phoneHope all of our readers enjoyed the holiday season! With the kickoff of any New Year, you’ll face tons of “top trend” articles. To help you sift through and discover the most important details, we’ve compiled a few of the top reads to keep you informed of the latest communications industry trends.

As we look ahead to 2014, which technologies do you plan to implement for your business? Let us know if the comments at the end of the post—and let us know about any topics of interest as we prepare for another year’s content on the Nexogy blog!

Read on for our must-read stories from December, focused on top tech trends for 2014.

Shifting, Merging Tech Landscape

The accelerated rate of tech adoption and evolution—under the themes of mobile, UC, and consumer consumption—continue to push the boundaries for what’s possible for businesses.

A great line fromnZDNet’snLarry Dignan (@ldignan) summarizes the current (and future) landscape: “The year ahead should be an interesting one for business tech as multiple tectonic plates are shifting all at once and rejiggering industry leadership.”

Additional trends mentioned by the ZDNet editors in the 2014 tech trend preview article, include:

  • Network Updates: “If 2013 was the year LTE became mainstream, 2014 could be the year of its successor, LTE-A.” (Jo Best)
  • Startups: “If 2013 was marked by the end of Nokia's handset business, 2014 should see the growing maturity of Europe's new breed of mobile upstarts not afraid to do things differently.” (Jo Best)
  • Wearable Tech: “Wearable devices become mainstream.” Obstacles like chunky design, limited capabilities or poor battery life. Now that curiosity is piqued, 2014 will bring better versions of the technology. (Steve Ranger)

Mobile Takes Center Stage, and Continues to Shine

Consumers and business professionals alike have their mobile device in-hand wherever they go. And if you thought mobile was a trending topic in 2013, it’s certainly one we’ll continue to hear about in 2014—with the rapid rate of mobile tech acceleration.

CIO’s Al Sacco (@asacco) has compiled its top 10 mobile tech predictions, including what’s next for mobile devices, platforms, networks, video and more. Following are a few of our favorites:

  • Mobile device sales outpace PC sales—2.5 to 1, according to IDC.
  • Mobile video hits an all-time high. In fact, “in 2014, mobile video viewing levels will equal PC viewing for the first time, according to research firm Yankee Group.” Smarter devices, better networks, and cheaper data plans factor in to consumers’ heightened video consumption via mobile.
  • Mobile points of sale (mPOS) thrive with greater adoption of wearable tech, mobile payments, and gamification for loyalty perks.

CIOs Brace for Another Year of Rapid Development

On top of all CIOs already do, they’ll take on a few new challenges this year. In 3 Trends That Will Make Life Harder for CIOs in 2014, Rob Enderle (@Enderle) discusses new trends CIOs and IT managers must brace for this year.

  1. 3D Printing and Scanning: 3D print poses a new avenue for production. Does your business need to ensure that divisions are not in violation of copyright-protected designs? And who owns this latest “development” hardware and software? For many, it will be a partnership between CIOs and manufacturing.

  2. Wearable Tech: The newest component of the BYOD era is wearable tech, including glasses, watches, wristbands, and more. Businesses must now expand mobile policies to include the latest wearable devices, and the new implications they may pose. For example, would employees wearing Google Glass looking at your organization’s computer screens be a liability?

  3. Robotics: Recent advancements in development have the robotics industry primed to take off in manufacturing, automation, and more. Regardless of the area of work robots may fill within in organization, it will fall on CIOs to manage software updates, and this new type of “advanced computer” as it enters the workforce.

More Expert Tech Trends for 2014

For a few additional links to expert trends and predictions, check out the articles below. And be sure to add your own insights, feedback or top tech trends to the comments below!


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