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Posted on Thu, Dec 20, 2012 @ 10:44 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

business productivityTechnology can be a lifesaver for business, but when not managed correctly, it can also become a distraction. For example, instant messages answer the need for collaboration, but can also bring influence of outside sources hindering your employees’ ability to get their work done.

Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) “is emerging as a very powerful tool for bettering the collaborative experience of business users, lowering costs for IT managers and creating integrated continuum between work objects.”

Improving User Productivity and Saving Communications Costs with Microsoft Office Communications Server and Enterprise Instant Messaging, IDC

More than 200 million employees use some type of IM service, and most install the program themselves—leaving IT departments at a loss of control

Private instant messenger (IM) services provide a more secure, confidential form of messaging to share the information your employees need to be more efficient, without compromising office productivity.

A Network You Own

For your company as a whole, there are less security fears associated with private instant messenger over a public service. Private IM is supported by a secure and dedicated network; sent messages are not visible to those outside of your employee circle.

The service also provides more control, with abilities to manage and monitor, in addition to broadcast features. Chats sent are owned by the business and therefore able to be archived for later reference. Companies that rely on IM for most internal communications use this feature most.

Improve Employee Productivity

While public IM access during the workday can hinder employee productivity as a distraction, private IM services access can assist.

A recent survey by Frost & Sullivan notes that enabling EIM solutions can improve individual efficiencies with increased accessibility to tools, and connecting the right people at the right time to accelerate decision-making efforts.

According to Cisco, more than 50% of those surveyed in 2008 reported saving up to 20 minutes a day because of communications services like IM.

Desktop and mobile options also allow for increased collaborative efforts on-the-go, providing means for quick answers that keep projects moving forward.

Collaborate for Results

Increased communication among co-workers can strengthen employee relationships for better results and deliverables. Private IM provides employees with a presence and means to share quick thoughts, documents and desktops. Instant feedback enables clarification on projects without larger-production, formal meetings.

According to the IDC white paper referenced above, employees save an average of 1.7 hours per month with quick IM chats, versus waiting for traditional responses through email or telephony. The bottom line is better service for customers, and better efficiencies for employees.

Final Thoughts

Increased security, productivity and collaboration can make private instant messenger services a communication asset for your employees and your company as a whole.

Your team can collaborate without distraction from outside networks. By only communicating with those they need to, your team will deliver better results for your company during company time.

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