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Last month’s industry news was filled with upcoming mobile and VoIP trends. As we enter the beginning of the new year, it’s appropriate to dive into mobile predictions and trends—a hot topic among industry influencers and analysts.

2012 Business Communications Trends

First up: let’s look back at 2012’s communications trends to see where we’ve been, then see where we’re going.

In his Year in Review 2012: The Stories that Characterized the Enterprise Communications Industry article, Fred Donovan, editor of Fierce Enterprise Communications, lists the industry’s top 5 trends of 2012. Three of our favorites are listed below:

  • SIP Trunking: More businesses moved from legacy networks to SIP trunks for improved performance at reduced costs.
  • UC in the Cloud: Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) gained traction in 2012, and received recognition from Gartner.
  • BYOD Enables Mobile Business: A trend in 2011, BYOD became a reality in 2012 as businesses implemented mobile device management (MDM) strategy and policy.

Read Donovan’s full article for more 2012 trends.

2013 Trends & Developments

As we enter 2013, there are tons of articles listing the “top trends” that businesses need to adopt, or at least be on the watch for. We’ve collected a few listed below for easy reference:

 We’ve also summarized 3 upcoming 2013 trends within the rest of the post below:

  • Mobile VoIP Growth
  • UC in the Cloud
  • Network Security 

Tech Improvements Drive Mobile VoIP

Mobile VoIP gets its second wind, as predictions estimate every 1 out of 7 mobile users will be using mobile VoIP (mVoIP) in the next 5 years. 

In its Mobile & Tablet Voice & Video Calling report published in December, Juniper Research predicts that there will be more than one billion people using mobile VoIP services by 2017. The driving forces behind the trend listed, include:

  • Improvements in network technology.
  • Increased competition.
  • Aggressive adoption of existing free VoIP solutions like Skype.

At Nexogy, we find that most businesses opt for owned, secure services over free existing services. While free solutions like Skype are prefect for personal calls—and build awareness and need for the mobile VoIP technology, businesses maintain better control over owned mobile VoIP solutions.

UC Strategies Move to the Cloud

For insights on the trending topics of unified communications adoption, mobility, video and more, the Unified Communications Strategies podcast, UC in 2013: UC Strategies Experts Look Ahead, covers a lot of ground. Jim Burton of CT Link moderates, as 10 industry experts weigh-in on the topics the UC topics matter most to our readers.

Here’s a preview of a 2013 UC prediction mentioned in the podcast:

 “… Going into 2013 and beyond, the battle is going to be won by those who can package what they have as applications. Whether it’s applets on a mobile device, apps on the desktop, communication built into business applications and workflows, communications built even into social networks.” 

- Marty Parker, UniComm Consulting

Network Security Takes Center Stage

As more businesses go mobile and implement BYOD, mobile management and business security priorities have to be accounted for. Security is essential to many layers of business communications, as stressed in the ARNnet article, Security, Enterprise Mobility and Cloud are 2013 Priorities.

This pulled quote sums it up well: “[Businesses] are racing to support a wide variety of consumer devices in the workplace, and that will inevitably increase security incidents because of poorly controlled user-owned devices connected to the network,” said Neil Campbell, Dimension Data

Your Turn

What are the trends your business is looking toward in 2013, or was there a great list of upcoming trends we didn’t include?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and connect with Nexogy direct to implement the latest technologies and trends for your business.


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