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Posted on Tue, Sep 11, 2012 @ 03:45 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Last month’s industry news highlighted mobile shifts that create business challenges for those that depend on advanced communications technology. 

Below, we’ve gone through our team’s favorite articles to bring you some of last month’s mobile highlights, including mobile device management (MDM) in regard to application management; iPhone and Android security; broadband; and the rise hosted technology and devices.

Mobile Device & Application Management

Fierce Government IT reports on how two government agencies, ATF and NASA, have navigated mobile device management. While the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) uses two MDM solutions—Good and AirWatch—to manage its 2,500 iPhones, 300 iPads and 1,200 BlackBerrys, NASA has taken a different approach by focusing on applications and access points. Read the full article for additional details.

Speaking of application management, Jon Oltsik (@joltsik) helps businesses prepare for the onslaught of increased mobile application development and deployment—and hence, the security risks apps pose to businesses— in his Network World article, Beyond Basic Mobile Management. To help your organization stay ahead of the curve on MDM, consider the following in regard to app management:

  • Be proactive with a “white list” store of applications ready for your team. Make approved business apps available so there’s no question about your preferred, secure business applications.
  • Include applications and app development in your business’ MDM strategy. Roll applications into the basics you already consider, such as on-boarding processes, access, encryption, etc., for a more comprehensive mobile policy. 

iPhone vs. Android: Mobile Security

iPhone and Android are continually pitted against the other in terms of security. And traditionally, iPhone often comes out on top. This month, both devices were in the news:

  • Information Week’s article,iPhone Security Unbreakable? Security Gurus Disagree, by Matthew Schwartz (@mathewjschwartz), reminds readers that it’s more than the actual phone—it’s the digital ecosystem as a whole (network, applications, access) that really matter to complete “device” security.
  • On the other side, PC World’s article, Has Android Malware Tripled in Recent Months? Not so Fast, by Katherine Noyes (@noyesk) does some digging behind articles like “Android Under Attack: Malware Levels for Google’s OS Rise Threefold in Q2 2012.” Her overall warning to worried readers: make sure to have a clear understanding of the data behind the headlines. While there are security issues to consider, do some fact checking before taking action. 

Broadband Update

To measure the scope of broadband technology and its inherent challenges, the FCC conducted its second annual “Measuring Broadband across America” report, announcing its results early this month. All VoIP News reports highlights on the most remote parts of America, global broadband competitiveness, and consumer and corporate adoption challenges in its full article.

In other broadband news, AT&T came under intense public backlash this month after telling iOS customers they could soon have to change their data plans to keep FaceTime. As of today and with Apple’s iOS 5 currently on most iPhones, FaceTime is only available over wifi.

Goodbye Landlines. Hello, VoIP.

Do you think landlines will be obsolete by 2025? That’s what some reported back in 2010, and with mobile and hosted VoIP adoption rates, it’s become easy to believe. Forbes’ Kate Harrison helps businesses and consumers make the switch in the post, How to Break Up with Your Landline.

The article recaps how hosted VoIP solutions can be a cost-effective and future-proof landline alternative for businesses. Another Harrison article, Goodbye Operator, Hello Operating System, builds on the discussion with more insight into hosted business communications solutions.

More than PCs

In addition to hosted communications outpacing landlines, tablets have been dubbed the rising star and productivity tool for business. In the words of Sarah Rotman Epps (@srepps)if you’re “Waiting for the Era of Post-PC Productivity? It’s Already Here.” Post-PC devices have created new opportunities for business, including better mobility, access, collaboration and more.

At Nexogy, I use my tablet as a primary work device, as well as a phone and video conferencing tool. Ask me how to turn your tablet into a phone in the comments below!

What were some of your favorite recent articles? Share in the comment section below.


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