Top IP Telephony News: September 2012

Posted on Thu, Oct 4, 2012 @ 04:53 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Last month’s industry news highlighted legal battles, mobile device management concerns, and movement toward more centralized solutions for messaging. Below, we’ve gone through our team’s favorite articles to bring you some of last month’s mobile highlights.

Telephony & the Law

AT&T’s announcement concerning its policies on FaceTime caused a stir last month. Fans of the carrier had been requesting better means for video chatting through data networks. AT&T responded, saying it would allow use of the video chat feature over network connections only if patrons were also on AT&T’s Mobile Share Plan. According to TechCrunch, multiple organizations have now filed a formal complaint with the FCC to allow for a resolution that better “preserve[s] the Internet as an open platform enabling consumer choice, freedom of expression, end-user control, competition, and the freedom to innovate without permission.”

Another institution filing against regulated technology is the state of California. TMCnet and Fierce Enterprise Communications both reported about bill SB 1161 last month, prohibiting regulation of VoIP or other Internet-based voice services.

TMCnet’s Peter Bernstein (@berniebernstein) reports that the passing of SB 1161 into law will make California the 24th state to enforce formal guidelines against regulation aimed at public utilities commissions.

Answers to Mobile Device Management

Security risks and new technologies can go hand in hand. As more companies go toward a bring your own device (BYOD) culture, finding more secure solutions for mobile device management (MDM) has become a priority, although security shouldn’t be a deterrent from moving forward with the technology.

Midsize Insider, powered by IBM’s Marissa Tejada (@tejadamarissa) reports that, “once mobile device management issues begin to improve, more small and midsize business will reap the benefits of the technology without so much worry. After all, the software is meant to provide security, compatibility, and compliance.”

To assist in solving known issues, Computerworld urges IT personnel to take action to form solutions around mobile and tablet to meet increasing usage. According to Computerworld’s 2013 Forecast survey, 52% of professionals are currently working to address mobile risk management, either internally or with outside assistance. 

The hope is to take care of risk factors to be able to truly enjoy the benefits of a mobile device culture, including potential for increased worker productivity and efficiency.

Communications Integrations & Innovations

A product marriage “was only a matter of time” according to Tom’s Guide (@tomsguide). Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger and Skype are integrating, which will enable access to all Skype, Messenger, Xbox, Hotmail and Outlook contacts from one central location, among other benefits.

Also in the interest of greater access and efficiencies, audio-only-voicemail has become a standard of the past. According to USA Today, a loss of patience and the rise of texting have contributed to a society calling out for a better solution to voicemail. Visual voicemail options transcribe audio into text and email formats—providing easy access to information without the interruptions listening to a voicemail can bring.

For more on business benefits, check out the recent Nexogy blog post, The Case for Visual Voicemail: Employee Productivity.

What were some of your favorite recent communications tech articles? Share in the comment section below.


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