Top IP Telephony and Technology News: April 2013

Posted on Thu, May 9, 2013 @ 01:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Last month’s headlines focused on security and surveillance, as strong ties between national events and mobile technology advancements emerge. Below, we highlight stories that showcase developing technological trends during the month of April 2013. 

Cyber Attacks Bring Attention Need for Network Security

The Associated Press’ Twitter account experiences a security breach; 50 million LivingSocial customer profiles are compromised; according to The Var Guy (@thevarguy) 600,000 Facebook accounts are hacked each day—this is our cyber-reality.

Is it time to rethink network security? Data Center Journal guest blogger Dan Joe Barry thinks so, stating that to do so successfully requires coordination of security solutions capable of real-time capability and reaction.

Taking network security under consideration may benefit most businesses, as The Var Guy relays some alarming statistics in the article linked above. Businesses may be more vulnerable than they realize:

  • 25% of businesses evaluated are not using software for virus protection.
  • 60% of businesses evaluated operate under unprotected wireless connections.
  • Two of every three businesses evaluated were without a plan for security.

Spotlight on Hosted Video Surveillance Security

Every day, surveillance cameras around the world monitor city street corners as a real world safety precaution. In times of breaking news and high-profile national news events, hosted video surveillance technology is becoming the unsung hero and eye-witness, helping officials catch the bad guys.

While we’re still a little ways away from monitoring advanced enough for facial recognition and superior high-resolution imagery, the success of these devices with their existing applications has some Slate reporters saying, We need more cameras, and we need them now.

Fortune reports video surveillance as a business that you can expect to only get bigger over time. The 2012 $13.5 billion industry is anticipated to grow to $39 billion by 2020.

Shapeshifters: Developments in Mobile Technology

Another technology with projected growth is mobile messaging applications. As SMS is poised to celebrate its 21st birthday this year, we note trends away from the technology in favor of messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, Kik, and MessageMe. (Nexogy also has a new, private instant messaging offering for businesses. Contact us to learn more about the new offering.)

As reported by The Next Web’s Robin Wauters (@RobinWauters), free messaging solutions are becoming widespread enough that cell phone creators are taking note with built-in capabilities. All as conversations surrounding mobile data plans continue, and flat-to-flex shape-shifting mobile case design begins, showcasing moves to refine mobile technology to meet consumer needs.

What extra security measures do you take to protect your business and business assets? Did we miss an important story this month? Let us know in the comment section below.



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