Top IP Telephony and Technology News: July 2013

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Last month’s headlines were filled with the latest in telephony and technology news, including advancements in collaborative technology, mobility, and social currency through call tracking. Read on for our must-read stories of July 2013, and add your top picks to the comments below.

Collaborative Tech at Your Fingertips

The all-in-one platform that does it all, or the solution suite that makes your life easier—today’s consumers, and businesses, are looking for the options they need to work efficiently and collaboratively.

For businesses, it means dynamic offerings that are multifaceted and multifunctional to meet demand. Ensure your solutions are up-to-speed: focus on the areas most valuable for enterprise collaboration in today’s growing digital age. According to an article by ZDNet’s Dion Hinchcliffe (@dhinchcliffe) this means collaboration and built-in capabilities for social, the cloud, and mobility.

Just how important is collaborative social for the modern enterprise? According to TechTarget’s Tessa Parmenter (@TessaParmeter), “it’s where the industry is.” As her interview with Nemertes Research vice president, Irwin Lazar (@IMLazar) explains, social tools in use by companies must have a unified business strategy to be particularly useful and develop as a true unified communications (UC) asset.

In the midst of this shift, enter WebRTC. In a recent post, we explained just what it is and the business implication for browser-based, real-time communications solutions:

  • Collaborative efforts for major projects in real-time.
  • Remote video chat capabilities for improved efficiencies.
  • Improved customer communications through a mobile and flexible staff.

As the standard for browser-based communications is set, WebRTC combines BYOD, mobile, cloud, and app capability wirelessly for a totally collaborative, user-friendly, and data-driven experience.

As Andy Abramson (@AndyAbramson) explains in a recent VOIP Watch post, “What we're seeing today is really the start of the changing face of collaboration, and that changing face is happening because of the nexus of five key technology sectors and the seismic shift from wired to wireless, all under the guise of convergence.“

Responsive Mobility

Responsive technology isn’t limited to collaborative technology as a whole, but also within the components of mobility, cloud, and social.

As reported by Technogist’s Fardeen Ahammed (@Technogist), mobile is being recognized for its accessibility, connectivity to wireless channels, and efficient organization. Recent findings from Forbes, as reported by Mark Fidelman (@MarkFidelman) show trends in mobility, which include:

  • In 2012, 74% of companies were already allowing some form of BYOD usage.
  • By 2015 mobile app development projects will outnumber native PC projects 4 to 1.
  • Increased tablet usage for both business and personal reasons. 

As more move toward mobility, make sure your business is being reactive with mobile ready websites and mobile friendly marketing assets to reach your customers on whichever device they choose.

Worried about security as your employees go mobile and BYOD? Topics of interest industry-wide, providers, like Cisco, are creating devices to respond, with built-in sandbox capability, dual-mode solutions, and password protection to keep your data safe.

For those without access to these newly developed assets, secure collaboration for your business is still readily available—just take the necessary precautions for protection:

  • Keep inventory of all BYOD devices company-wide.
  • Determine whitelist and blacklist limits, and consider preferred mobile devices.
  • Maintain and distribute updated BYOD policies to all employees.
  • Consider private UC solution options as alternative solutions. 

All good reminders to keep top of mind, as PCWorld’s John Ribeiro (@JohnRibeiro)reported late last month the US court’s renewed permission to allow the National Security Administration (NSA) to collect phone meta data. For more on the specifics on this ruling, read the full article.

Social Currency: Track Calls Made and Received

According to research compiled by HelpScout (@HelpScout), when it comes to customer service:

  • 75% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they follow on Twitter.
  • 58% of Americans perform online research prior to purchase.
  • Customer experience quality could result in a swing of $184 million for a large Internet retailer.
  • 83% of small and medium-sized businesses respond to customer communication with inaccurate or incomplete answers.

Don’t leave your customers feeling unsatisfied. In today’s world of data collection and accessibility, give your business every advantage and learn as much as you can about each individual caller and customer as you can.

Make the most of your access to tracked mobile data and determine ROI of:

  • Paid search placements.
  • Referring mobile sites, apps, and SEO.
  • Mobile banner ads and QR codes.

Utilize intelligent call tracking and reporting to know the most about your personas. Take note of phone call tracking software capabilities, and keep record of all customer touch-points to help guide a more pleasant, customizable customer experience that fosters return purchases and brand loyalty.

Product Updates

This months headlines also included news of product innovations, including:

Did we miss an important technology story this month? Let us know and share a link in the comment section below!


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