Top IP Telephony and Technology News: March 2013

Posted on Fri, Apr 5, 2013 @ 02:23 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

This month saw just how mobility and BYOD affect employee policies and consumer preferences. And we saw plenty of new stats tracking online activity, and how more technologies are being used to reach audiences. Read on for the must-read stories of March 2013.

Online Activity Stats Go Viral

This month the industry gained additional insight into internet usage trends that show social networks and video as the places where people go to spend time online, with results that have spread like your average viral video. Here’s what we learned, recapped by TechZone360’s web editor Allison Boccamazzo (@ali_boc):

  • Every 60 seconds, two million Google searches occur, and 204 million emails are sent.
  • In that same minute, 30 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube.
  • Video that now reaches 15% of the world’s population, or one billion unique visitors, each month. Pretty remarkable for a technology company that’s only 8 years old.

We’ll be watching as these trends continue to transform, and as they shape our industry toward more visualized, search-friendly, and concise concepts for the IT world.

Mobility Shapes Consumer Preferences …

The integration of CRM and mobile brings customer records to the on-the-go exec, and allows you to take action wherever you may be. Log calls, respond to leads, create dashboards, and more with on device real-time access. 

As businesses and employees begin to lead more flexible lives, CRM software evolves to meet the shift toward more flexible needs. For more on the topic of mobile’s relationship with CRM, read Tracey E. Schelmetic’s TMCnet article, Mobile CRM Breaks Out of its Early, Rigid Boundaries.

In other mobility news, a recent Enterprise Mobile Solutions article stats most smart phone owners prefer to interact with a mobile application over a mobile website for information. For businesses: make sure your site, and employee intranet or access, is mobile friendly.

… and Government Policies

The government took a stance on mobile as well as emerging technologies and consumer preferences that emerged last month. For some of the latest government mobility headlines, check out TechZone360’s Joe Rizzo’s latest:

BYOD Adoption Rates Present IT Challenges

We noted a few months ago that BYOD can effectively fuel UC strategies for increased abilities in collaboration, consistency, and mobility. As more SMBs take note, more IT departments turned to policy last month to meet the demand. 

As reported by TechZone360, departments now realize BYOD is not only here to stay, but on a steady rise. Increasingly, workers are using their own personal device to complete work-related tasks and maintain contact with co-workers. According to a February iGR report: “nearly 62% of SMBs have a BYOD policy in place at this time.”

With the creation of policies for BYOD, workers will have the freedom to operate in the manner they wish—so long as they maintain the level of work expected of them for operations to run business as usual.

Did we miss a big story? What were your favorite technology trends from the past month? Let us know in the comment section below.


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