Top IP Telephony and Technology News: May 2013

Posted on Fri, Jun 7, 2013 @ 02:29 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Mobility, security, and product and application innovation took over the technology headlines last month with news of advancements, improvements and concerns. Read on for the must-read stories of May 2013.

Mobility Industry Updates: BBM and Yahoo! Acquisitions

  • Blackberry: Blackberry fans rejoiced mid-month when TechCrunch reported a BBM (Blackberry Messenger) service expansion. Previously an exclusive messaging service for Blackberry devices to communicate with one another, owners of iPhones and Androids will soon have the ability to BBM globally in the near future.
  • Yahoo!: Yahoo is also going after new audiences, as reported by ITWorld last week. Fresh off its Tumblr acquisition, Yahoo’s next target to reach younger, more mobile friendly audiences is Hulu. Yahoo is expected to place a bid for the video streaming site at anywhere from $600 to $800 million. In the background, Yahoo is also making grabs at mobile development and video chat technology acquisitions.

Finding Safety through Security

As the European Commission policies mobile policy, U.K security employment firm Via Resource takes note of threats in cyber security. As reported by TechZone360’s Peter Bernstein (@berniebernstein), small-to-medium-sized businesses need to beware that they could be the next target. While larger enterprises have the resources to protect, SMBs need to educate and ensure that they also have a plan to prevent attack. 

As the U.S. government becomes increasingly concerned over network vulnerability, there is a push to crack down on cyber law. Information Week’s Michael Fitzgerald (@riparian)breaches the topic, as discussions turn to levels of security needed and how much government influence would be too much. How will your business brace itself?

In an effort to protect, Apple recently introduced two-factor authentication. Initially praised, security experts now cite weakness, with note that the method doesn’t prevent restoration of iOS backups to a new device.

Unified Communications: A Cost-Effective Hosted Solution

Companies are always looking to save an extra buck here and there, to drive down operational costs and drive up ROI. This budget cut doesn’t have to come at the cost of your technology.

As reported by TMCNet last month, companies are increasingly turning to all-in-one unified communications solutions to provide more with less, including: 

  • Streamlined operations
  • Enhanced customer experiences
  • Multi-channel communication options 

As discussed in another TMCNet article from last month, the cost effectiveness of UC has helped the VoIP space grow in the last year by 9% around the world.

The shift is visible.  Recent writing by Unified Communications Strategieson report findings from Infonetics show that “demand for unified communications is increasing in all regions as businesses seek tools to help them boost employee productivity and flexibility."

Trends in Technology: Mobile Gaming and Eye-Tracking Capabilities 

As companies shift to compliment, and technologies move to condense offerings to all-in-one solutions through UC, the gaming industry is looking at its own needs for innovation. Can consoles survive or will mobile gaming take over the market?  TechZone360’s Rob Enderle (@Enderle) discusses the want for player mobility, as well as Microsofts innovations to allow gameplay from smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

In technology you would expect to see from a video game character or action movie, plans unearthed from Apple patent plans show development of eye-tracking technology that would allow for feature rich mobile options possible with the blink of an eye, CNet’s Lance Whitney (@LanceWhit) reports. 

Did we miss a big story? What were your favorite technology trends from the past month? Let us know in the comment section below.


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