Top IP Telephony and Technology News: November 2013

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The holiday season is almost here!Hope all of our readers had a happy start to the holiday season! Even in the midst of the holiday bustle, we’ll continue to post top tech headlines to keep you informed of the latest communications news.

Last month’s headlines were filled with excitement for the new year—reviewing 2013 advancements and looking ahead at 2014’s possibilities. What do you think we can expect to see?

Other hot topics: UC and mobile—with headlines focused on increased adoption and how to bring the technology into your own business.

Read on for our must-read stories from November, and add your top picks to the comments below.

Watching Trends: 2013 Findings & 2014 Outlooks

At the end of the month, Forrester Research’s James Staten (@staten7) reflected on the outcome of 2013’s cloud-based technology predictions. The findings show that at year’s end the industry has made progress: 

  • Structures on what should and should not become cloud-based have been defined.
  • Mobile application technology backed by the cloud shows great promise for efficient synergy.
  • Adoption for cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery is on the rise.

But while we’ve moved forward in a few areas, cost modeling for enterprise users of cloud platforms, cloud SLA stress management, and cloud-based app development still leave room for improvement. 

Enterprises and small business alike will need to find ways to strengthen processes if the shift toward increased mobility continues at trend. Current projects have PC shipments dropping, while tablets experience 53% growth—all as we begin to ponder the increasing importance of mobile data for business.

What can we expect to see as we move ahead into 2014? Brian Karlovsky (@Brian_Karlovsky) recaps Frost and Sullivan’s predicted game changers:

  • Disruption in the UC market
  • The need for mobility solutions realized by enterprises.
  • Rapid growth in multi-use devices for a wide variety of industries.
  • UCaaS seen as the norm.

Unified Communications’ Increased Adoption

Headlines were also all abuzz about UC—or what is it that we should be calling it these days?

UC Strategies’ Stephen Leaden (@SteveLeaden) opens up the discussion on the term “UC”, asking industry experts to weigh in. Is a name change needed to shift the focus off of devices and on to the collaborative efforts they provide?

Regardless of nomenclature, it’s time to sell your boss on the concept as voice, video and more combine and mobilize:

  • Prove how it eliminates costs and complexities.
  • Show how it could launch a host of new communication and collaboration services to keep your business at the cutting edge of technology.

All Things Mobile: Workforces, Ads and Phones of Tomorrow 

As technology advances, tides turn toward access to mobility and mobile workforce possibilities. Is the death of the office imminent? Jeanne Meister (@jcmeister) thinks it could be, with insight into tomorrow’s workplace structure:

  • On-demand workers based at a collaborative space of their choosing.
  • Work will become a mindset “independent of place or time of day.”
  • The concept of an office will become increasingly complex, mobile, and flexible. 

For those that stick to traditional office concepts, they’ll battle the BYOD revolution, challenging traditional enterprise IT departments in full force by the year 2018. Larry Dignan (@ldignan) advises existing IT departments to “future proof,” or prepare to become irrelevant.

This level of increased mobility will create increase opportunity for business—some of which we’re already seeing:

What’s the harm in remaining at status quo? Heather Clancy (@greentechlady) warns SMBs to avoid if you want to remain competitive. While it may be ok for your business in the short-term, maintaining old technology can both hurt your credibility and risk your ability to stay ahead in the market in long-term outlooks.

Did we miss an important story from last month? Let us know in the comment section below.


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