Top IP Telephony and Technology News: October 2013

Posted on Thu, Nov 7, 2013 @ 10:20 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

This past month’s headlines look at the latest in communications tech, including advancements in the customer experience, cloud-based UC, and the business landscape—especially critical as companies forge into 2014 planning and implementation.

Read on for our must-read stories of October 2013, and add your top picks to the comments below.

Better Customer Experiences Demand Speed & Accessibility 

It’s no secret that our shopping patterns are changing. The way in which today’s consumers find, research, and select products and services has become precise, and increasingly individualized, creating need for direct attention on today’s customer experience.

Last month, Acquity Group (@AcquityGroup), surveyed more than 1,500 smartphone owners across the United States in the interest of discovering what leads consumers to purchase, as well as their preferences along the way. The results?

  • 50% of those surveyed are more confident making a purchase decision in-store if they can research more about products in-store before making a final decision.
  • 78% look up retailer inventory online before visiting a physical store.
  • Shopper preferences, such as the likelihood of making a mobile purchase, vary by generation.

Overall findings show that consumers value in-store Wi-Fi, rich content on retail sites, and ability for a mobile experience.

Taking note, Facebook and Cisco have teamed up to offer shoppers free Wi-Fi by this holiday season. Activated with a Facebook check-in, select restaurants, hotels, and retailers will allow shoppers to tap into their connections for an overall improved experience.

Unsure that Wi-Fi can make that much of an impact? Mashable reported an exodus in rural Scotland because the internet was allegedly too slow for some. An extreme case, internet speeds around the global are in a reactive mode—on the rise and helping decision makers worldwide get online.

UC Gets a Lift into the Cloud 

Analyst firm Frost and Sullivan looks to the cloud as it notes changes in the UC landscape

As the market for unified communications technology grows, experiencing a 2.4% growth spurt in 2012, the two major driving factors are growing Microsoft Lync and cloud-based UC technology adoption rates. 

Advanced technology is making its way to mainstream audiences, as Gatwick Airport sets plans in motion to overhaul 1950s style technology in favor of cloud-based solutions fit for today’s travelers.

The Changing Business Landscape

As your business begins 2014 planning and builds out budgets for your IT department, be mindful of shifts in the digital landscape.

IBM notes BYOD, mobile, and cloud as areas of focus for internal security leaders to note as potential obstacles to overcome as these areas shift IT processes and policy.

The ways in which we collaborate are changing, toward UC solutions, Irwin Lazar (@imlazar) notes for TechTarget. The solutions will emphasize:

  • Software as a service (SaaS) applications
  • Processes that work across devices for multi-device functionality and capabilities
  • Video integration
  • WebRTC and browser-based technology
  • Microsoft Lync and the vendor landscape

To adapt and adopt successfully, David Weldon (@DavidWeldon11) stresses on FierceCIO the importance of helping your CEO see the big picture vision. Help your CEO see the importance and opportunity that lies in advancing with technology, and open your business to a new realm of possibility.

Product Updates

Apple and LinkedIn expanded into new territories, while tablets also broke into a new market and changed the definition of “early adopter.”

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