Top IP Telephony and Technology News: September 2013

Posted on Mon, Oct 7, 2013 @ 12:43 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Last month’s headlines covered the latest in telephony and technology news, including advancements in mobility and connectivity through a wide range of technological advancements. Read on for our must-read stories of September 2013, and add your top picks to the comments below.

Mobile Device Management: Technology to Move With You

Most of us cannot imagine a world without accessibility—and our networks, business and personal lives available at the literal touch of a button on your favorite mobile device. Technology has made us available at all times—particularly as it applies to personal and professional communications on the go.

According to research shared by Matt Tatham at Experian Marketing Services (@ExperianMkt), as email volume is on the rise, so are unique open rates, with “50% of all emails opened on mobile devices” during the second quarter of 2013. Mobile devices also continue see sales spikes, with tablet sales expected to surpass PC, and eventually eclipse computer sales numbers by 2015, according to tablet trends noted by Ina Fried (@InaFried) for All Things Digital last month.

Has your company transformed its tech policies to meet new needs?

According to Laura Hazard Owen’s (@laurahazardowen) GigaOM coverage of Struture:Europe 2013, panelists say it’s time for CIOs to loosen their grip on technical job requirements and give employees the opportunity to choose own device mobility, under service guidelines. 

Worldwide Accessibility: Technology to Increase Connectivity

As companies begin to lift barriers on mobility internally, external forces worldwide look for ways to increase connection, making the whole world mobile-friendly.

On a large scale, Facebook, Qualcomm, Ericsson, and a variety of other mobility companies launched in August. As outlined by TechCrunch’s Josh Constine (@JoshConstine), the movement builds on Facebook’s platform to connect, and aims to bring reliable and affordable internet to even the most remote areas of the world.  

Europe plans to help drive the cost of mobility down for its citizens, with roaming charges set to expire by 2016, according to reports from ZDNet’s Liam Tung (@liamT). And in the US, there may be an end in sight of switching your phone into airplane mode before going underground. Transport authorities hope to bring Wi-Fi and eventual cellphone reception to lines sooner rather than later, The Next Web (@thenextweb) reports.

Social Conscious Mobility: Technology to Prevent & Respond to Disaster

You may be asking yourself if we truly need this level of connectivity worldwide. While some may use the additional accessibility simply to check their Facebook and Twitter, others are using mobile capabilities for the sincere good of mankind.

For example, efficient and effective communication is crucial during times of disaster, and officials in the UK and Australia are already tapping into the opportunities mobility can provide and assist.

Not purely reactive, however, New York hopes to help citizens use mobility responsibly. In a proactive measure, state highways will now include texting zones, or designated areas where drivers can pull over and respond in safety, without causing harm to themselves or others in the process. The state is also imposing harsher fines for texting and driving offenses, a reminder that convenience can have unintended cost and consequence if cognizance is not also kept top of mind in tactical operations. 

Product Updates

This month we saw the emergence of new products and innovative technology hit the market. Following are a few highlights.

Did we miss an important story from last month? Which was your favorite story from September? Let us know in the comment section below.


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