The Growing Unified Communications Market: 3 Ways Your Business Benefits

Posted on Thu, Jun 27, 2013 @ 11:32 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

describe the imageOver the last year and a half, the market for unified communications (UC) technology has seen continuous growth—upwards of 21%, according to a study by Infonetics Research. 

As workforces move into the cloud and toward mobile solutions, businesses look for solutions that merge old and new technologies, and explore the opportunities that exist for their business within emerging trends.

With UC technology, new real-time communications features, such as private chat, video, and file sharing, merge with voicemail, e-mail and other non-real time technology within all-in-one solutions. The popularity of these solutions will only make them more readily available. Below, we highlight the top three reasons why increased availability of these solutions is a good thing for your business’ operation.

1. Lower Capital Expenditures

A quick way to cut down on costs is to consolidate. Instead of purchasing five or six different devices to complete all of the various tasks you need, you may consider adopting one that does it all.

As stated by UC Strategies, the emergence and increasing popularity of these solutions is creating a competitive pricing market—driving prices across the board, and creating room for a bargain buy.

2. More Productive Employees

Your workers will appreciate the simplicity that unified communications solutions can bring, which make their jobs easier. Instead of having to power on a variety of tools to complete day-to-day tasks, your workers can operate through one central portal.

Have everything in one place and give your employees more time to do their jobs, and even produce more in less time, with more robust, feature-rich solutions. 

The time it takes to remember how to complete every process, and what tools are needed to form every operational solution can be tiring, a task itself. UC brings tools together in one place for quick access and quicker turnarounds.

3. More Flexible Employees

As unified communications solutions grow in popularity and develop, they center on provisions for a mobile workforce through technology that moves with you, with features that may include:

These provide your team with the ability to communicate near or far, in the office or on the go, for continuous interaction, collaboration, and creative solutions.

Where could a unified communications solution take your business? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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