Buy a Phone System, Get a Data Network: Phone Calls Are Just the Beginning

Posted on Mon, May 18, 2015 @ 07:45 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

IP phones offer twice the features of traditional phone systems.When businesses look into buying a phone system, they usually look at factors like call quality, system costs, and mobility features. A phone system that is affordable and performs well is a great bargain in and of itself.

What many business phone shoppers don't know, however, is that there is a whole other side to cloud-based IP phone systems. In addition to offering about twice the calling features of traditional phone systems at about half the price, IP phone systems also offer many data features that can replace some business's need for a separate data network.

Data Packets and Data Networks

The phone calls made within an IP phone system are actually sent as data packets over a data network. Sometimes it is a private network for that company only, which is known as a private branch exchange, or PBX. Sometimes it is through a cloud-based network, with calls on that business's system still being private and secure.

Because the phone system uses a data network for calls, other types of data can be housed on the network as well. For some businesses, the phone system can meet all their data needs, meaning that they won't need any other data network.

The Data Side of IP Phone Systems

Customer information can be stored within CSR software and integrated into the phone system. When a call is made to or received from a customer, that customer's stored information comes up on the agent's computer screen to allow better communication and customer service.

Other types of data generated by IP phone systems include reports on everything from call length to on hold times, voicemail transcription to email, and recording of phone calls for later use and monitoring. Other software can also be integrated into the system to provide even further capability.

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Voice + Data = One Great Phone System

These data capabilities make IP phone systems an exceptional value compared to traditional systems. Although some setup is required, qualified technicians can help you every step of the way and provide much of the infrastructure you will need. Deciding to set up an IP phone system for your business can actually simplify your technology needs and streamline needed equipment.

Data networks can be complicated systems, requiring the hiring of IT personnel to make sure the network is running properly. Much of the data involved in IP phone systems, however, is largely automated, with simple setup procedures that can be taught to management by your phone system provider. Any technical difficulties are also handled by the provider, eliminating the need to hire separate personnel for that purpose.

When data capabilities are added to the superior voice and mobility features, an IP phone system offers many advantages to businesses. Even if other data services are needed, they will most likely be simpler and less extensive, saving the business time and money on administration.

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.

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