Can a PBX-in-a-box Approach Help Your Small Business?

Posted on Wed, Jan 13, 2016 @ 09:30 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

PBX-in-a-box systems are very easy to upgrade existing phone systems for small businesses or those with limited international calling needs.While broad implementation of VoIP (Voice-over IP) phone systems can be a very beneficial project for large-scale enterprises, this kind of telecom upgrade doesn’t really make sense for smaller organizations (those with few users or limited international calling needs).

Some solutions offer growing companies a bridge between conventional business phone lines and hosted, cloud-based VoIP (such as hybrid PBX systems); others make it possible for organizations to benefit from VoIP regardless of size or structure.

For organizations just starting to get the gears turning, PBX-in-a-box type phone systems can be incredibly valuable. These systems offer basic PBX functionality and cloud support with a budget and scope that makes integration problem free. It’s a low-impact upgrade for businesses seeking to improve their phone systems and communication with customers - without breaking the bank.

If you’re just beginning to evaluate your organization’s opportunities for business phone improvement, there’s a fair chance you’ve never heard of PBX-in-a-box phone systems, or possibly even VoIP - and that’s okay. In this blog, we break down both what a PBX-in-a-box phone system is and how your organization or team can benefit from integrating one.

What is a PBX-in-a-Box Phone System?

A PBX-in-a-box phone system could be called “VoIP-light:” it’s a stripped down, affordable alternative to both enterprise-scale VoIP and conventional business phone systems. Typically, the PBX-in-a-box approach to VoIP is implemented through up to 5 wireless VoIP headset systems, each of which carry over basic functionality from complete VoIP phone systems.

We hear about small business leaders overpaying for business phone systems every day; the worst thing about these situations is that they are largely avoidable with the right phone tech and service in place. In today’s small businesses, home offices and retail environments, teams rely on their personal devices as much - if not more so - than their business phone lines.

How a PBX-in-a-Box Approach Can Help You Save

PBX-in-a-box phone systems, which can be implemented with very low impact and do not require heavy investment, are well suited for businesses with users that use a combination of personal devices (nationwide calls) and landlines (international calls) to communicate.

The PBX-in-a-box approach to business communications makes it possible for small or at-home businesses to switch from conventional phones to VoIP systems at very low impact. These systems can be deployed almost seamlessly; upon purchase, businesses choosing a PBX-in-a-box approach to VoIP will receive up to 5 wireless VoIP phone headsets, all of which come with basic PBX functionality. PBX-in-a-box systems make it possible for small offices or retail stores to benefit from VoIP without expensive unlimited nationwide calling plans or an exorbitant number of phone lines.

Generally, a business will upgrade their existing phone systems or supplement their personal devices with a PBX-in-a-box system when international calls become a standard part of everyday business, or when users wish to keep personal devices and work communications separate. If you’re ready to leave conventional phone systems behind or need more than just personal smartphones and email to communicate abroad with clients, a PBX-in-a-box system is a smart investment until significant growth necessitates more complete and supported VoIP systems.

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