[CEO Corner] Q & A: Part 4

Posted on Tue, Oct 20, 2015 @ 11:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

nexogy_qa_4.jpgIn the following series, The CEO Corner, you will find a list of common questions within the industry that were answered by nexogy CEO Carlos Lahrssen:

Q: What is the advantage of VoIP over PSTN from an infrastructure viewpoint when PSTN has lower latency?

VoIP over PSTN basically provides convergence of voice and data networks and it was a main driver for VoIP to take off. The question has a valid point because it sounds redundant to manage a packet network over a copper network to put voice over when voice was already there. The same is happening today and the same question I ask repeatedly over mobile networks: why use VoIP over a mobile data connection when the essence of a mobile is to provide voice service. The answer is savings at first, but when you can capitalize on an existing network to provide value added services and one of those happens to be voice, it makes more sense... Read More

Q: What infrastructure improvements, particularly in the NY and NJ areas, will or should come out of the disruptions caused by hurricane Sandy?

Coming from a telecommunications background, I can mention a few things that will definitely help improve infrastructure for a faster disaster recovery strategy.

I don't have a solid answer because the question calls for "Infrastructure" rather than service or business continuity. Telecom infrastructure is always vulnerable to natural disasters and no much to do. Disaster Recovery on the other hand is a different issue as there are contingency plans that can be established for business continuity purposes.

Telecommunications infrastructure today is usually a mix of wireless and wireline networks. Wireless infrastructure that mobile operators have, given they survive a tropical storm such as Sandy, can only help on a personal level since they do not cater to complete business communications infrastructure.On the other hand, fixed wireless solution will definitely improve the telecom infrastructure since most equipment supports harsh weather conditions and if not, troubleshooting/replacing equipment is usually managed in a more efficient way than a wired network; if you need air space to transmit data this is definitely easier to repair than wired switches were identifying a point of failure is more difficult and once identified, repair is by far more complicated.... 
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Q: What is the lowest bandwidth running, smallest footprint VOIP-service available?

I agree, Speex2.15 / 44Minimizes bandwidth usage by using variable bit rate... Read More

Q: How beneficial is Mobile VoIP over traditional phone calls?

In my personal experience, although all responses are completely right on the money and valid, is to avoid high roaming charges. I can even make VoIP calls from Europe for example over a mobile carrier's data network when roaming and charges are much less than making the equivalent overseas mobile call. Of course what I usually do is either purchase a local SIM with data capabilities or prepay a data roaming plan like the one at&t offers (I usually go for the $160 for 800MBPS while roaming)... Read More

Q: VoIP Software and Services: Alternatives to Onsip or is this the way to go?

We provide a robust Hosted PBX Service with all the features you require plus much more. Our company name is nexogy and please feel free to call as we specialize in customized Hosted PBX Services for demanding clients... Read More

Q: What is a good Hosted IVR/Call queuing/SaaS solution for SMB to beef up the customer support line?

There are several Hosted Service Providers that cater to these types of features which are very typical to Call Centers. You can check five9.com,incontact.com, contactual.com who specialize in Hosted Call Center solutions or you can check www.nexogy.com which provides Hosted PBX Services and Hosted Call Center Solutions for companies who not only require call center SaaS but also have administrative offices, even at different locations... Read More

Q: Landline: How does the Cisco VOIP work?

Cisco has, aside from SIP which is a generic VoIP Protocol, a proprietary protocol known as SCCP or "Skinny". This one is known to be one of the most robust VoIP protocols for IP PBX or Hosted PBX Services and it is used mainly with their Call Manager for medium to large enterprises.

nexogy.com uses a centralized, hosted soft switch and we provide Hosted PBX Services. 98% of our IP Phones deployed at our customer's premises are Cisco running SCCP.... Read More

Q: What is a good alternative to RingCentral?

It depends on what type of service you have or looking to have. If you have Hosted PBX Service where your provider gives you the IP Phones and all PBX features as well as numbering, toll-free etc, you have many options for which I have to recommend www.nexogy.com as it is the company I lead.

If you are looking for Virtual PBX in a fashion where you have a distributed workforce that rely only on mobile or home phones, than you can look for www.grasshopper.com (formerly gotvmail.com) which provides a PBX-like service with a main number that has an auto-attendant to properly route incoming calls to desired departments based on your need. It is easy to configure online and features might be beneficial in your case... Read More 

If you have any questions, tweet us @nexogy with the hashtag #AsktheCEO


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