[CEO Corner] Q & A: Part 6

Posted on Tue, Nov 3, 2015 @ 10:00 AM by nexogy

nexogy_qa_6.pngIn the following series, The CEO Corner, you will find a list of common questions within the industry that were answered by nexogy CEO Carlos Lahrssen:

Q: What is the best hosted/virtual PBX to work with CISCO 7940 IP Phones?

The nice thing about Cisco IP Phones, and the best way to make sure you can use all features it has to offer is to have it not on SIP but on SCCP or Skinny, Cisco's proprietary VoIP Protocol. We are one of the few Hosted PBX Service Providers to offer Cisco IP Phones on Skinny and can very well utilize your existing Cisco IP Phones that once connected to our Application Server will download the appropriate firmware..Read More

Q: What companies are providing virtual/hosted call center tools?

Here at nexogy we provide all hosted elements a call center needs. From call recording, to real time supervisor statistics and reporting; Barge-In, Coaching, Monitor from any browser or from your IP Phone. We provide a hosted IVR and ACD with overflow to any device or any number, worldwide..Read More

Q: What is the top reason businesses are choosing a hosted telephony service over a premises-based system?

  • No cost on Moves, adds or changes (MACs)
  • No forklift upgrades
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Access to Fortune 500 PBX features at a fraction of the cost and easier to use
  • Read More

Q: What is the best 4 line landline phone with auto attendant features for a small business?

You have two options, on-premise equipment like talkswitch or an IP PBX like asterisk or AAStra or you can go with a Hosted PBX Service Provider and outsource all telecommunications needs without incurring in moves/adds/changes costs. Either way you can have a high-end IP Phone like a Cisco 7972 or Polycom IP Phone... Read More

Q: What is a good office landline phone?

I would really prefer a Cisco IP Phone but not the Linksys series (SPA) but the original series (79xx). Now, there is another very important thing if your going with a VoIP phone. There is a common VoIP protocol called SIP (session initiation protocol) and there is Cisco's SCCP/Skinny. I would highly recommend choosing a service provider that can provide Cisco IP Phones on SCCP/Skinny as the protocol is the most robust over public and private internet...Read More 

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