Chris Susalka Rounds Out the Regional nexogy Team!

Posted on Mon, May 6, 2019 @ 01:11 AM by Felipe Lahrssen

nexogy is thrilled to introduce Chris Susalka, as newly appointed National Channel Manager of the Mid-Atlantic Region.ChrisSusalka-1

Chris found his way into the Unified Communications field before the boom. The cloud was but a wisp back then, but he's never looked down. Always a problem solver and go to kind of guy, he naturally excelled when applying this mindset to his work. He soon discovered his niche in the communications field.

Simply put, it's working with clients and prospective clients to discover, and best meet their communications needs.

His resolve to render the best possible solution to a problem comes naturally. It's one of Chris' attributes that caused him to excel in his career. While working at Comcast Cable, he was promoted from a residential broadband inbound sales position to a business service account executive. In addition to consistently being top in sales, he taught and mentored new employees.

His retention of knowledge is a huge plus for his co-workers. Chris is always willing to share what he's learned to create a stronger team within the company.

He proved that while with FairPoint Communications. Working as a mid-sized business account manager, he handled all aspects of the customer experience. Showing superior rapport building skills, he was able to turn a problem into opportunity often by using the customer's would-be problem as a way to broach the need to upgrade a particular area within said company's service. He also consistently maintained a spot in the top 20% of sales revenue in the company's New England area.  

It was a natural progression for him to step into the role of Business Relationship Manager for Cox Business in the fall of 2010. Chris worked with business customers to regroup and update their existing telecommunications services. His job also entailed anticipating a business' growth and providing them with what they needed to succeed as cost-effectively as possible.

Chris joined one of the leading cloud-based companies in North America in the spring of 2013. As the VP of Sales Operations of Strategic Channel at Star2Star Communications, he handled the day to day operations of the company's largest channel partners. He was part of the team that landed the company's second largest channel partner deal ever. He worked to develop new opportunities for the business. Chris' ability to build a strong rapport with those he comes into contact with was obvious as he recruited new channel partners and cultivated the relationships of existing partners. This commitment to providing complete customer satisfaction increased Star2Star's revenue projections.

His commitment to providing all the Unified Communications services that a business needs to operate that are flexible, affordable, and reliable is second to none.

He is a man that steps into a leadership role with ease. His upbeat, positive demeanor and can do attitude are infectious. He possesses the teaching and mentoring skills that only enhance his ability to lead a team to reach the set goal. Co-workers and clients alike seek him out when they are searching for sound advice.

In his off time, this father of three is focused on family first. He comes by that naturally, too. His family is huge! He has over 40 nieces and nephews! He still finds time for hobbies though because all work and no play just don't represent being all that you can be in life. Chris sings lead in an A Cappella group, DJ's for karaoke and finds time for his favorite sports which are golf, softball, basketball, and fishing.

Yes, Chris is well rounded with a wide range and depth of experience. His primary focus is forming a bond of trust with his channel partners and their end-users. His charisma is captivating because you know he is sincere. He has a thirst for knowledge, an ability to retain and share it, and his continuous ability to find that competitive edge makes him a welcome addition to the nexogy team.

We just can't stop singing his praises!

It's like Chris Susalka is Thanos and nexogy is his last gemstone. 

Well, except for the supervillain part anyway. 

Contact us today. You'll see what we mean!

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