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Posted on Thu, Nov 9, 2017 @ 08:18 AM by Juan Canto

 Secure telecom management services aren't the only network services that nexogy provides. Our managed firewall also ensures security for email, which helps protect employees from phishing attacks and other email security risks.

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A managed firewall can also protect other communications media, such as video conferencing systems or cloud contact centers, by adjusting to both known and new threats. Instead of experiencing lost services due to downtime – or installing a single device that doesn't keep up with their firewall needs – they get cloud-based managed services from a provider that can respond to their needs, adjusting traffic or reallocating network resources to keep business up and running.

You Never Have to Go It Alone

Alongside Sophos, nexogy works with clients to deliver customized security solutions for their unique needs. By choosing firewall-as-a-service, as opposed to purchasing costly devices, your clients can take advantage of the cloud's scalability and flexibility. They no longer have to worry about firewall device and system upgrades; the onus of maintaining equipment and keeping it up to date falls on nexogy and Sophos. At the same time, by working with nexogy, your clients can share their needs and concerns to create a system that works well for them.

As a reseller, you know that offering VoIP and IP-PBX isn't enough to keep you competitive in the marketplace. Customers want a suite of competitive telecom management services offerings; firewall-as-a-service is one of them. When you pair nexogy's security offerings with its comprehensive telephony options, you gain a comprehensive set of solutions that set you apart from the crowd. Visit nexogy online to learn more about our managed firewall services. To start reselling nexogy to your customers, become a partner today.

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