Does Your Business Phone System Increase Business Productivity?

Posted on Mon, Nov 10, 2014 @ 03:02 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Phone systemOn the surface, cloud-based and IP business phone systems look great. They are far less expensive than traditional landline systems. They allow the same phone system to be used anywhere and to be expanded almost limitlessly.

But can a phone system really increase the productivity of a business? 

Faster Communication Helps Employees Get More Done

Nothing slows a project down more than waiting for a key contact to return a phone call or playing phone tag with multiple group members. Cloud and IP phone systems have presence information to show you whether a particular coworker is available to take your call. Knowing who is available at a given time can cut the amount of time spent on the phone drastically as well as limit the necessity of leaving voicemail messages that must be returned or followed up on later. 

Audio and video conferencing make it possible for the whole team to communicate at once, even when employees are in different offices--or different time zones. Collaboration is essential for many projects to move forward, and a good phone system can facilitate this across distances or across the hall. 

Staying Connected on the Move

Accomplishing more than one objective simultaneously is a huge boost to productivity. Cloud and IP phone systems make this simple by allowing personal devices to be integrated into the business phone system in various ways. Using find-me forward-me technology and mobile apps, employees can remain connected with coworkers and management when it is necessary to travel for face-to-face meetings, professional conferences, or other business situations. Calls can be routed to any phone, including personal cell phones, so that only one number is needed and those trying to reach the traveler don't need to call multiple phone numbers.

Another advantageous feature of these phone systems is the ability for telecommuters to be connected to the business phone system without a landline phone, which makes it easier to connect with these individuals. Having everyone connected to the system no matter where they are located allows communications to be tracked and recorded to allow for further training and feedback. 

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Using Tracking to Motivate Employees

With the tracking features of modern phone systems, business leaders can evaluate employees' performance to see how they measure up to performance goals. These features can assist managers in identifying candidates for advancement and in providing feedback and motivation to employees along the way. 

When employees can see information about their performance of job duties, it can motivate them to increase their productivity and improve their skills. Managers can use the information to provide reinforcement and to be specific in their encouragement. 

Tracking and performance features also allow management to conduct analysis of business factors affecting productivity so that they can identify the areas where improvement can take place. Modern phone systems make a huge difference in increasing productivity of businesses. 

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.

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