Elements of a Great Channel Partner Strategy

Posted on Wed, Sep 21, 2016 @ 12:26 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Channel Partner Strategy

So you’re an IT,  telecom consultant or other phone solutions provider/vendor looking for more out of your sales and offerings… great!

Being the savvy vendor you are, you know Internet bandwidth costs have lowered dramatically from the days of old, which opens up lots of opportunity to broaden your scope by having the right services to accommodate both existing and future clientele.

Having a trusted provider on your side can empower your ability to sell the highest value of cloud-based phone solutions with all the best features – all at an affordable price.The key lies in the proper Channel Partner strategy.

Ally With Someone Who Cares

If your trusted provider isn’t invested in your success, then why are you with them to begin with? At nexogy, we make ourselves personally responsible for partners’ success and go by the adage:

“We’re only successful when our partners win.”

It’s just that simple – because when you succeed, that means by proxy we do, too (and who doesn’t like mutual success?).

A Multifaceted Partner Portal

Having the tools to prepare and present a quote, and even to sign an agreement and close a sale by yourself is essential to improve your sales when you’re partnering with another business.

Make sure you have the following with your offering:

  • Real-time quoting and proposals
  • Digital signature of agreements and legal documents
  • Quick and easy provisioning information
  • Simple and easily bundled plans
  • Detailed commission breakout and faster ACH payments

The Right Residual Reward Payments

Case in point: Customers referred should mean a fair payoff for you. That means monthly 10-20% ranged monthly residuals of all billed services.

This is on top your upfront commissions.

Support at no Added Cost

Even if you have all the tools, including partner portal, if your staff aren’t equipped to use it the right way, you won’t make traction. Don’t settle with a partner who hands over the reigns and leaves you to figure everything out.

That said, an important Channel Partner strategy move to look for is offering online training and certification courses, as well as marketing collateral/materials needed so you aren’t left high and dry. Most importantly, a dedicated nexogy Project Manager to help your customer every step of the way.

Next Steps

Now that you know the puzzle pieces to constructing a great Channel Partner strategy, you can take the next steps for finding the right one for you.

We’re very transparent about our Channel Partner strategy, and have many happy partners whose sales are streamlined using our portal and resources.

If you’d like to learn more, please feel free to check out our comprehensive Channel Partner guide below:

Download the guide and become a nexogy Channel Partner today!

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