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Posted on Thu, Apr 11, 2019 @ 12:00 AM by Oliver Verde

nexogy offers business professionals cloud-based communications solutions designed to meet a variety of needs regardless of industry. The nexogy portal serves as the primary user interface for the majority of end-users on the platform; because of this, our newest business phone platform integrates a variety of new features designed to enhance portal security. 

Security Upgrades

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In previous versions of our platform, login credentials were relatively simple. They were formatted as "extension@domain" with the user's voicemail PIN as the password.

With this update, nexogy has taken steps to ensure that users' passwords are always secure. In the event of a breach, the full cache of passwords is protected in its entirety. 

Portal and voicemail passwords have been entirely decoupled; this means that team members will need to select passwords that meet higher standards for their online work. Password rules can be configured on an office-by-office basis to ensure that certain security requirements are met. 

In addition, your employees' password data will be rehashed thousands of times in order to deter malicious hackers and scripts. 

Account administrators can now easily manage their users' transition to new, secure passwords. They can set a timeframe allowing users to utilize old voicemail PIN credentials before they're expected to update to the new format.

Portal-Based Password Management

Because it's impossible to ensure that every client makes the transition from the prior voicemail PIN password format to the new secure format, nexogy has created additional labels that will appear next to users' names within the portal. These labels will grant the ability to monitor clients' secure password status.

Administrators will see various labels being used to communicate a given user's password status. On just one page, they'll have enough information to tell who amongst their staff has upgraded to a more secure password and who's still lagging behind.

Not only does this afford transparency-- it means that making sure everybody is safe is quick and easy.

Password Management Via Email

The new version of our platform offers automation implementations that can help relieve some of the workload associated with managing user login information.

Now, when a new user finds their way to their designated login page, they'll be able to identify themselves as a new user. This means that after they input their email address and extension, they'll receive an automatic welcome email. This email will contain a link to a page where they can securely set up their login credentials.

Automated emails can also be set to send to existing users who need to manage their passwords (ie. recovery and resets). The links in these emails and the ones for new users can be set to expire after a designated amount of time for increased security. 

Invisible reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA v2

reCAPTCHA is a free Google service. It's easy for humans to solve, but it's intended to protect websites from spam and abuse. CAPTCHAS are intended to serve as tests for telling bots and humans apart; bots and other malicious software generally can't figure them out. 

By integrating reCAPTCHA into this new version, malicious automated software is blocked and real users can enter with ease. Every time a CAPTCHA is solved, the human effort that went into solving it helps to digitize text, build machine learning datasets, and annotate images. This combined effort contributes to the preservation of books, the improvement of maps, and the work that goes into solving difficult AI problems.

Alternative Login Options

The all-new Masquerade feature affords users with Office Manager scope the ability to assume the identity of any one of their sub-users. This eliminates the need to keep lists of usernames and passwords, which can be detrimental to data security. It also prevents administrators from having to ask users to share login credentials through unsecured channels.

At nexogy, we have a passion for pushing technology to the limit. We're proud to offer our clients and partners customized solutions that don't leave you tied to landlines and other contact points; instead, we promote business communications that can be leveraged from anywhere and at any time. If you're interested in taking advantage of the latest version of our business telephone platform, contact us today.

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