Enjoy Summer With These 6 Energy-Saving Tips With Your Phone

Posted on Thu, Jul 21, 2016 @ 10:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Energy-Saving_Tips.jpgIt’s summer, and you know what that means: traveling with your friends and family, pool days, late night grilling, and your phone recording it all. Whether in pictures, videos, Snapchats, or Facebook updates, many of us love memorializing a good time with the assistance of the Internet.

That said, in order to do so without immediately getting that annoying low battery notification, we’re going to provide you ways to reduce your phone’s power consumption while still being able to use it.Nifty, right? Some of these may be intuitive, but you’d be surprised how much these energy-saving tips can add up to extending your battery life.

#1: Be a Rebel With an External Battery Charger

Listen, we understand not everyone always follows the rules. The easiest way to extend your battery life without compromising on your usage is to carry an external battery along for the ride. It’s the equivalent to having a moving wall outlet or laptop with you; what’s not to love?

#2: Don’t use Vibrate Mode!

Using the vibrate function requires more power and energy from your phone, as according to PCAdvisor it requires a motor that “rotates a small weight to make your whole phone shake.” Depending on your situation, it’s better to either use a ringtone (as it takes minimal speaker output in comparison to vibrating) or turning off notifications altogether.

#3: Dim Your Screen Brightness/Use Auto Brightness Setting

Your phone brightness is a major battery drainer–so consider using auto brightness, which automatically adjusts to suit the lighting level you’re in. Following this will noticeably extend your battery life!

#4: Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS & Bluetooth (when applicable)

Any feature on your phone that necessitates location services is going to kill your battery. In terms of Wi-Fi, it’s great to use while at the office or in your home where your phone remembers the login and automatically syncs.

However, if you have Wi-Fi on while you’re driving around, your phone is going to constantly send out a signal to search for connections. The same goes for Bluetooth and GPS, which are similarly sending out constant signals.

#5: Minimize Video Streaming

Going on a YouTube loop means your phone is constantly buffering data and loading. Even if you’re on Wi-Fi, you’ve probably noticed after an extended period of time from playing video games your phone gets hot from all the output. If you’re looking to extend your battery, minimize your amount of videos or don’t play them at all.

#6: Know Your Battery

You’ve heard someone say “If you constantly charge your battery it won’t hold a charge over time!” Well, that depends on whether you have a Nickel-based battery or a Lithium-ion battery. The former wears down with every charge, but last longer/can be recharged more times, whereas Lithium-ion need to be charged more even if it’s at 80% or 50%.

Most batteries in smartphones nowadays are Lithium-ion, but be sure to check your phone specs to see the best way to charge it.

Also, if you’re not already aware, most smartphones have a low battery mode where by turning it on the phone reduces power consumption to lengthen the life of your battery.

Takeaways For Energy-Saving Tips

There are tons more ways you can save the battery on your phone, but these are some of the quickest and best ways to do so. What do you do to conserve your battery life for summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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