Fiber Optics: A Growing Opportunity In Latin America

Posted on Tue, Jun 11, 2019 @ 08:00 AM by Felipe Lahrssen

Anytime an area has the opportunity to expand their use of technology, it's an opportunity to grow. According to a logo_ufinet-1recent online blog post by Forbes, "fiber optics is an integral part of our global network." What is fiber optics? Fiber optics is the medium that's used to transmit light signals along thin lines of fiber, plastic strands, or glass. As a technology tool, it has been used to enhance TV, long distance phone calls, and more importantly, the internet. Central and Latin America have partnered with UFINET, expanding the possibilities of next generation infrastructure. 

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Latin America has proven to be one of the rising stars in the fiber optics internet network services community. UFINET has taken an interest in the way their community can benefit from connectivity. In fact, UFINET has been able to span over "55,000 kilometers with larger hubs in more widespread cities." They have been able to feed the need for large cities to be connected to major cities while enhancing the communication infrastructure. The expansion of connectivity has presented a wonderful business opportunity for Latin America. Moreover, UFINET has used their main POPs, NAP to land connectivity in the United States while many people are passing up on fiber optics. There's still is hope for the success of fiber optics because as many areas as possible are being connected. UFINET is the leaders in fiber optic communications in Latin America, Costa Rica, and Panama. As far as Mexico, a higher percentage of their territory is using fiber optics when compared to the United States. 

How The UFINET Partners, nexogy Tie In To The Recent Latin American Fiber Optic Growth 

In retrospect, if you're on board with UFINET, you're virtually on-net with Nexogy. While current cable internet networks may be plausible for some home and businesses, the UFINET and nexogy partnership has opened the door for superiority in both overall connectivity and speed along with capability. UFINET says, "3 million full-duplex voice calls or as many as 90,000 television channels, can be supported by one optical cable (making fiber optics a strong candidate for telecommunications companies) simplifying internet connectivity. 

Who Is nexogy? 

nexogy offers your business cloud-based communication solutions that cater to a variety of business needs. We specialize in getting the next technology into your hands now. Our reliability features allows you to manage all your business communications from anywhere. nexogy's voice and data technologies are simple and easy to use. We love pushing technology to the limit while keeping paramount customer service at the forefront. If your customers are looking to expand into the Latin America market, you're invited to contact us at Nexogy to become a part of our growing Latin America services. We encourage our potential customers to become a part of the Latin American fiber optics network while they can!

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