Hiring Millennials: Why Aren’t They Answering Calls?

Posted on Fri, Feb 19, 2016 @ 04:14 PM by Carlos Lahrssen

Today's workforce has changed; so, too, should the way you communicate with them.Many recruiters, especially if they are recruiting the younger generation for their companies, are losing candidates due to lack of direct communication with those candidates.

How does this happen? The fact of the matter is that these young people spend so much time on the phone that they do not usually respond to calls - even if that call is about a job.

In this blog, we discuss the problem of candidate drop-off due to lack of communication, especially among millennials. Millennials have developed habits and social communication behaviors that effectively block out more traditional forms of communication. This is about more than the communication app WhatsApp; it also applies to SMS, emails and social networking messages. These communication means are used every day thousands of people - including your ideal candidates.

There’s another large issue going on here: whether your candidates are employed or actively seeking employment, recruitment time is often very limited and, very often, candidates will ignore calls because they are accustomed to telemarketing or similar commercial phone practices.

Businesses Must Change the Way They Communicate

Recruiters and leaders of growing businesses used to use direct telephone contact to not only break the ice with candidates, but also to gather a large quantity of information; in the past, we asked them if they were interested in our business or industry, how up-to-date résumé information is or even their opinions about recent interviews. Calls such as these were instrumental in helping us learn more about potential candidates, which in-turn allowed us to better assess their compatibility with our business.

Things have changed. Texting, email and social media have become the primary forms of communication among millennials; as such, these mediums are the most useful tools for contacting candidates in today’s job pool. A traditional call is now seen as intrusive, or at the very least, out-of-place. A vast majority of millennials do not even have landline phones in their homes.

The key to reaching these individuals is to leverage emails and Internet communications before reaching out over the phone. This approach is also much more efficient, and can allow you to make better use of your time, as well as your ideal candidate’s time.

Why Candidates Don’t Answer the Phone

To be frank, conventional telephone calls disrupt time for a majority of today’s job candidates. These individuals are uncomfortable talking over the phone, as traditional calls force them into an interaction that they may have not wanted, at least not yet. Instead, they prefer to respond to messages (emails, social media connections and etc.) at their own leisure.

Of course, this isn’t to say that millennials are unwilling to work with you over the phone; rather, they only want to do so when and how they choose. Today’s job candidates have to set their own mental spam filters for nonsense calls and telemarketers. The only way to get past these filters is to provide your ideal candidates the ample time they need to prepare for an interview.

The Right Way to Speak With Millennial Candidates

Traditional recruiting and hiring methods don’t work anymore; with how much technology has evolved in the past year, it’s no surprise that these changes ripple more intensely the further back we look. The first millennials began graduating college and entering the workforce within the last decade, and in the last decade, communication - and even the way we think - has wildly changed. For majority of today’s ripe job candidates, personal phones and tablets are as seemingly essential as food and shelter.

Efficient communication over mobile devices is now an absolutely critical part of the hiring process. Our recommendation? Leave behind conventional hiring practices and adapt with today’s millennial job candidates.


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