How do Mobile Payments Boost Customer Rate and Happiness?

Posted on Thu, May 19, 2016 @ 08:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Mobile_Payments.jpgFact: Mobile payments have made the checkout process easier than ever before, and as business owners wanting to make our customers happy, this is a surefire way to improve their experience.

Though the end goal is to have our customer satisfaction through the roof, it’s important to have a means to that end, or else you’re just blowing hot air around. We’re going to explain the benefits of mobile payments and why they bring satisfaction and happiness to your customers.

Why go Mobile?

More and more people are becoming interested in mobile pay or point-of-sale (POS) solutions such as Apple Pay, PayPal, and Square Reader.

A survey from 451 Research shows that as of last year, 25% of smartphone owners said “they were likely to use a mobile payment app over the next 90 days.” People have come to expect established businesses to have mobile payments available--if you don’t, you’re missing out on customers!

Make sure you don’t offer payments at the price of security, however. Offer this convenience and sandwich it with peace of mind, and you’ll ensure your customers’ opinion of your business.

Why Customers are Happy Through Mobile Payments

Offering this convenience is just the beginning--and while it offering it is the on-switch--do you know exactly how you help your customers by enabling mobile payments? We’ve mentioned a few points earlier on, but here are some others you should be aware of:

  • Don’t leave room for waiting: You don’t like waiting, I don’t like waiting--who honestly likes waiting for something, especially if they don’t know how long it will take? With many people having on-the-go mentalities, it can be an insult to make them wait because it can be seen as a waste of their time. 
  • Convenience: How many people do you know carry cash on them? Only taking cash can have your point-of-sale transaction come screeching to a halt. Whether you’re a services or product-based company, you want to make your checkout process seamless and convenient, so they’ll want to come back.
  • It exudes professionalism: Having mobile payments shrinks the illustrious (and sometimes misconceived) gap between large businesses and small ones. It sends a message to your customers that you are on the same playing field, so they can have exclusive attention while also getting top-tier product or services.
  • Fosters a better store or shop environment: Knowing there’s a quick way to pay means shoppers can rest easy once they make a decision. Going in line or having to go get cash to shop is cumbersome and unnecessary.
  • Unprecedented flexibility: Trying your best to accommodate all of the mobile payment options available lets your customer feel comfortable to pay however they see fit. It offers that extra padding and removes negative associations with checkouts or line delays.

Have You Made the Switch?

The frequency of mobile payments is only going to grow with the passing of time. Some consumers find this new method more secure, so considering them in your pool of customers is a wise choice.

We’d love to hear your comments about any mobile payment experiences you’ve had, and how it’s benefitted your business. Feel free to tweet at us, too! We hope this article has been helpful while exploring your options for payment in your business.

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