How nexogy Can Help Your School Save Money on the VoIP Service You Need

Posted on Thu, Sep 20, 2018 @ 09:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

We want to talk about schools today. We've spent a ton of time now in strategy sessions, SEO meetings, and some intense marketing conferences, and we've learned one important thing, marketing has a lot of fluff. We have also learned something very important from working with educational institutions, time is valuable.

Portrait of a smiling teacher with tablet PC in the class roomToday, we wanted to skip all of the fluffy stuff and give everyone an example of how nexogy can help educational institutions (i.e. schools) save a ton of money and provide them a better solution than our competitors. No marketing gimmicks, no fluff, and no abuse of your time; let's go.

About nexogy

Like any business, we exist because we found a gap in the market. This gap drove us to produce a better solution than our competitors, and one huge gap that we found was in the current VoIP phone system for educational institutions.

Quality phone service is vital for schools. Your in-house communication channel between classrooms, lounges, and offices is important for both the success and safety of the school as a whole.

Most educational institutions are starting to turn towards VoIP services (Voice over Internet Protocol) because it offers them an affordable way to communicate without all of the physical exchanges (poor voice quality and interruptions) that landlines have. VoIPs also offer some great additional benefits (like our auto-attendant that directs your calls for you.)

Cloud PBX service providers give you VoIP without you having to manage all of the equipment associated with running a VoIP service (and usually for cheaper.)

There is a reason that over 1 billion people now rely on VoIP and the market growth is at 9.5%; it's simply more functional than using a landline.

There are a ton of cloud PBX service providers out there, and, we'll be honest, some of them have some super-attractive commercial offerings for businesses. But, what works for businesses doesn't work for educational institutions. By treating schools as businesses, cloud PBX service providers are charging schools for services that they can't utilize, and failing to provide them with services that they can.

Why would you charge schools per-phone? It drives up costs, is impossible for schools to actually utilize, and fails to engage educational institutions on a personal level. Sure, a school may have 50 classrooms that need phones, but are those teachers going to be on them 8 hours a day? No, because they aren't in a call center or office building.

We think that cloud PBX service providers have fundamentally disregarded educational institutions as customers, and treated them with cookie-cutter service and solutions that aren't geared towards their needs.

We're here to disrupt that.

nexogy Basic Features

Using nexogy as your cloud PBX service provider gives you the following benefits as an educational institution.

  • Clear voice: Your communications will be static-free and interruption-free with deeply integrated VoIP technologies that produce clear channels of communication.
  • Affordability: We offer plans that are customized to you, as an institution, not "base packages" that put everyone in the same boat.
  • Auto-attendant: Our auto-attendant will route your calls 

We offer tons of other additional benefits that schools, businesses, and really anyone that needs a VoIP service can utilize. Also, we offer some benefits that are hyper-targeted towards schools, but you'll have to get in contact with us so we can talk specifics. We can't possibly tell you what benefits you'll need without learning about you and your school first.

The Disruption

At nexogy, we have a philosophy about our customers. It's pretty simple; are you ready? You are not all the exact same.

As simple as that philosophy may sound, at its core treating each business as a separate entity and actually gearing offers towards their unique problems is something that is completely foreign to the cloud PBX service space.

The Classroom

Every school needs a clear communication channel - no excuses. Classroom pagings, emergency situations, and cross-communication between classes are vital for every school, and schools need to develop a real understanding of their overall communication system.

It needs to run smoothly, produce high-quality calls, and it needs to be able to direct callers to the right place at the right time. VoIP is the only guaranteed way to make sure that your calling system is running efficiently and interruption-free.

We have built our VoIP service to be as dependable as possible, but we have also structured our services to suit specifics. That means that instead of paying for each and every one of those 50 classroom phones (plus the countless other phones in teacher's lounges, offices, cafeterias, etc.) we offer schools a more affordable solution that is actually catered to how schools functionally communicate.

For schools, we only consider the number of simultaneous call paths that you need. We're pretty sure that you aren't going to be using every teacher's office phone, every cafeteria phone, every classroom phone, and every lounge phone at the same time. So we wanted to position a solution that actually lets schools take advantage of this surging technology without locking them out due to the overall cost.

If you're not going to be using them, why would we charge you for them?

Charging for call paths as opposed to phones makes sure that your needs are taken care of and that you feel respected and genuinely serviced as a customer.

We want educators to keep on educating, and we think that by offering schools affordable VoIP services, schools can utilize this growing technology to communicate effectively while still staying within budget.

If you're an educational institution that's still using a landline service, contact us. We can get your school jumping with a great VoIP system that has twice the reliability at a potentially much lower cost.


So, if you're an educational institution that's looking for a VoIP service that understands you and your needs, come and check us out. We offer a crystal-clear feature-rich VoIP service that can help your entire school function more efficiently. We'll take care of your phone system; you focus on what's most important, the students.



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