How to Grow Your Business Without Worrying About Technology Catching up

Posted on Fri, Apr 15, 2016 @ 08:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Grow_Your_Business_Without_Worrying_About_Technology.jpgEveryone’s always out for the latest and greatest tech. This is demonstrated by the miles-long lines of people that arrive at the Apple Store for the newest edition of the iPhone or Apple Watch.

We as humans have this urge to be up-to-date and “current” with the times--but sometimes as a result we lose sight of what’s most important.

Depending on the industry, technology and business are pretty much synonymous with one another; as a result, similar pressures exist to ensure the newest computers and gadgets are equipped at the office. Having the newest Mac or biggest TV isn’t always necessary--but growing your business is.

See how you can harmonize your need for business growth without worrying about technology catching up (and draining your wallet) by following some of these tips & tricks:

Stop Wasting Time & Money on Hardware

Stop right now! Hardware is clunky, and most of the time requires assistance to get started... that means sitting around waiting when you could be doing business. By making the transition to cloud computing, you can host all of your major applications and programs over the Internet.

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Many companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft have a huge capacity for storage in which the following is possible from this Business Insider article:

“... software can run at much larger scales, for much less expense, at a higher rate of availability and performance, without anyone having to worry about maintaining a data center.”

Not only that, but you can say goodbye about being outdated--the cloud automatically implements updates in real-time.

Consider BYOD

According to Pew Research Center’s report on U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015, 64% of Americans own a smartphone of some kind--this has increased dramatically from 35% in spring of 2011.

By allowing employees to “bring your own device” (BYOD), they can use their own smartphones and laptops for work; this enables them to be more productive and to work on their own terms.

For any data used, you can reimburse them, which makes having to chase after technology nonexistent and affordable!

Evaluate if it Creates a Better Experience for Customers

Has an emergent technology set a new standard or precedent for your industry, such as mobile payments? If others are doing it, your customers and prospects will also expect that degree of convenience.

However, with growth you must consider cost versus reward. If others in your area are successfully using it, it’s time to integrate this into your business strategy.

Do this with new standards that look to be long-lasting--not with every new tiny fad or trend that pops up.

Get Out There & Innovate!

As a business owner, always be cognizant of new strategies and ways to make your collective customer base happy. Growth will come from that -- and while technology does play a part -- it shouldn’t be the only thing you’re worrying about catching up to in the market.

There are tons of solutions available to maximize your business communications. Utilizing the Internet through a reliable provider is a good first step.

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