How Your Business Can Benefit From BYOD

Posted on Thu, Mar 24, 2016 @ 08:00 AM by Irvin Rodriguez

Benefits_of_BYODWe live in a fast-paced mobile world; that much is easy to see. Practically anyone you meet either has their own smartphone, or knows how to use one--toddlers included.

This widespread consumerization of tablets and smartphones is bleeding not only into our personal lives, but our corporate ones, as well.

Not too long ago many enterprises had employees using a company-mandated device (some probably still do). But having employees carry a work-related device along with their personal phone feels cumbersome and unnatural.

This is where bring your own device, or BYOD, has come into play. Although 100% BYOD isn’t always the best solution for every company (many have hybrid solutions, the cloud, and so on), it has some upsides that you should know.

Is it uncontestedly the cheapest option every single time? No, but that’s not where the true benefit comes from: this lies in employee satisfaction and increased productivity. 

BYOD Enables Employees to Stay Connected

At the turn of the millennium, corporate environments have undergone digital evolution--as a result, employees expect more flexibility and at-home options for working. With BYOD, you can offer work-from-home opportunities that are appealing to prospective talent that will be the best fit for the job, not just someone who doesn't want to go the extra mile. 

Since most people always have their smartphones on them, your employees will always have the ability to check emails with BYOD. In this “always connected” infrastructure, it encourages employees to check things here and there. In a Forrester Consulting for Trend Micro 2012 survey, 70% said “increasing worker productivity was the primary driver for BYOD deployments.”

With more productivity, this inevitable merge of personal devices for the enterprise opens a limitless schedule. By offering this flexibility, you enable employees to stay on top of the work and never have to pull late nights at work. In fact, many that have the option to work from home will work a few extra hours a week--a great benefit from BYOD.

It’s all About Comfort

At the end of the day, satisfying employees to use their own personal devices ensures they are comfortable with what they’re using to accomplish goals. By doing this, you are encouraging independence and trust; 2 things employees value from a boss.

Can it cost more? Yes. But keep in mind the way you treat your employees will trickle down to the way they treat your customers and clients. BYOD has become a standard in almost every office atmosphere to some degree; it’s up to you whether you choose to facilitate safe access and deployment or not.

It requires additional device management and training for your IT staff, yes--but shirking away from mobility in the workplace is doing a disservice to you and your employees. The benefits are there, and will show through as smartphones continue to revolutionize our lives and our workforce.

The BYOD Floodgates Have Opened

Are you prepared? As we become more acquainted with smartphones and tablets, employees will inevitably continue to look for ways to transfer these strategies into the workplace.

BYOD is upon us, and as business owners it’s essential to secure our enterprises so our employees can quickly and easily communicate, because at the end of the day, having convenient and high-quality telecommunications has not only become a requirement, but the standard.

To learn more about how to deploy mobile solutions for your business or call center, we invite you to check out some of our free resources!

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