[Industry News] The Internet of Things that constantly break

Posted on Fri, Oct 2, 2015 @ 03:13 PM by nexogy

[Industry News] The Internet of Things that constantly breakThe following excerpt was originally posted on The Next Web's October 1st, 2015 blog article, "The Internet of Things that constantly break" written by Owen Williams.

"This morning, I was late for work because my alarm didn’t go off. The problem? It couldn’t connect to the WiFi, so the device turned into a glorified paperweight instead.

The best part was the push notification I received in the middle of the night and only saw this morning — “please connect your Sense to the internet, we lost your WiFi credentials!”

There’s so much hype about the Internet of Things replacing our humble, disconnected gadgets right now, but few people talking about what that looks like in practice: many internet-connected devices can be kind of shoddy at times.

Just last week it was pretty freezing at home, so I tried to turn up the thermostat. I’ve got a Tado, so theoretically I should be able to do that from my phone… unless the Tado has an IP address conflict, so I stayed cold until it was fixed.

Friends tell me they’ve had the same problem with other ‘smart’ thermostats too.

Canary, which monitors my home’s security, started sending me batches of push notifications last week when away on holiday about “activity detected in my home.” That message alone was enough to make me panic, but hey, it turned out to be a moth flying around."

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