[Industry News] Your Phone Number is Doomed

Posted on Thu, Dec 10, 2015 @ 10:30 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

phone_number_doomed.jpgWebRTC is transforming how we communicate in the business world. RTC stands for 'Real-time communication' allowing us to do just that--communicate immediately, without being trapped in any one app. JT Ripton and Peter Scott's co-written article, "Your Phone Number is Doomed," addresses why WebRTC is so important and emphasizes how telecoms can benefit.

"Almost nobody asks for my phone number any longer, which is good because I’m not exactly sure what it is. There's my cell number, my Google Voice number, my Skype number, and my local cell number when I travel in Asia every year. Most of the time I don't have to sort through those options, because the person who wants to call me asks if I'm on WhatsApp. Or Viber. Or maybe even Line.

Everybody likes free, and almost everyone likes to mix calls with chat and share photos and files. That’s why nobody asks for my cell number anymore. They want to connect with me via a software client of choice that delivers all these things for free."

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