How Progressive Pricing is Changing Line/Extension PBX

Posted on Wed, Nov 4, 2015 @ 09:00 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

Changing Line/Extension PBXWith traditional PBX phone systems, businesses would have to pay the general cost of acquiring PBX phone lines in full; phone lines and extensions, ongoing phone maintenance and carrier costs for every phone line in a PBX system.

While, at first, it was thought that cloud-based VoIP was a disruption of this classic phone system model, the opposite is actually becoming true; going back to outdated, traditional PBX systems is the real disruption to business communication. Fortunately, today's leading phone system providers have changed the way we think of phone line/extension system plans. Businesses no longer have to purchase entire phone systems based on number of lines needed, but rather on how many simultaneous calls are required on the network. This way, users pay for exactly what they need and not a dime more.

Line and Extension Models vs. VoIP

With Voice-over IP (VoIP) phone systems, a vast majority of businesses opt for a single pricing model based on user/month. It's a one-to-one cost opportunity, in which commercial systems charge for each individual user as needed (ranging from $19.99 to as much as $44.99, based on provider). However, many business decision-makers are hard-wired to sign up for traditional PBX services. This happens for a number of reasons; you could be used to, or comfortable with, traditional PBX phone system models, or you could be wary of paying for lines on a monthly basis that you rarely use - but ultimately are required.

These concerns are no without merit, and it's for this reason that some phone system businesses are returning to the world of line/extension phone systems... but with an entirely new payment structure based on actual phone use, instead of the nmber of lines required.

Line Extensions with Modern PBX

Phone line extension, both on-site and off, has never been more affordable; payment plans based on number of phones and simultaneous calls needed can run as low as $6.99 per phone/extension. This is a huge drop from the $20-45 charges per extension of traditional PBX phone systems. 

With these new payment models and cloud-based technologies, even more beneficial than lower price is the ability to set up extensions anywhere, regardless of geographical location. Cloud and hybrid PBX capabilities make it possible for single users to have multiple extensions in multiple locations, on whatever device type suits their need.

A New Payment Model, A New Way of Thinking

Today's line/extension phone systems are capable of unlimited nationwide calling at prices never before possible. Small and growing business can now connect entire new phone lines for as low as $29 per line, and as low as $6.99 for extensions. It's a forward approach to business communication that keeps costs low for businesses and functionality high.

For small or growing businesses, new pricing models based on actual extension use provide advantages that can’t - and shouldn’t - be overlooked.

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