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Posted on Thu, Jan 31, 2019 @ 12:00 AM by Oliver Verde

These days what business doesn't? If not for compliance purposes, business owners are realizing that the technology Doctor using his smartphone in the office at deskavailable today has put a whole new light on managing incoming and outgoing calls via a call recording system. 

About Compliance

Many businesses in today's world are held to compliance regulations. And, as said regulations continue to increase, they reach across a broader number of industries. Monitoring employee performance via recording calls in an attempt to assure compliance measures are met has been a trend that has continued to grow.

The benefit for employers in monitoring calls to assure compliance stipulations are followed is twofold. Employee performance, of course, but also call recording safeguards against any lawsuit that could be brought against the company. That bears repeating. Any lawsuit, not just something pertaining to compliance issues.

Other Benefits For Installing A Call Recording System

  • Increase Customer Loyalty - A skilled call center team will build a lasting rapport with customers. This can be crucial in the sometimes ruthless world that is business. Competitors that might lure customers away with a "bargain" price for goods or services will be less likely to do so. Then, there is the "word of mouth" factor. Happy customers sharing the news about your company is free advertising!
  • Improved Quality Of Customer Care - When your call center staff is knowledgeable, empathetic and kind, customers will appreciate it. They will prove their appreciation with their loyalty. Recorded calls are invaluable for employee training when used to support learning and development.
  • Gaining Customer Insight Keeps You In The Black - Call recording systems are essential to company growth and growth is good! Not only will you gain insight regarding the positive aspects of your business, but potential problem areas can also surface sooner than later. (Pointing at the skilled call center team point above... They are apt to catch a problem area or incident and report it even before call review is necessary, you know.)
  • Keep Your Finger On The Pulse - Call recording management systems today provide in-depth call and quality reporting. Just pop open the dashboard from anywhere on any device and you are capable of printing preset reports, creating new ones, tracking call volume, length of calls data... The sky's the limit.

There's Nowhere To Go But Up

Here, at nexogy, we realize the cloud is the future and the future is here. We do our utmost to ensure that all your business telephony needs are riding the cusp of the newest technologies available in the cloud. From owning our own cage in the NAP (Network Access Provider) of the Americas to the actual phones chosen to make and receive your crystal clear calls, we are literally with you from beginning to end. We have no doubt that you will receive stellar service from the moment your software installation is complete to contacting our customer service team should you have a question or problem.

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Call Cabinet to provide our customers a fully compliant call recording management solution like none other. Call Cabinet is dedicated to providing the best of the best in call recording management systems. In fact, this is the software we use in our call center for all day to day operations.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today!

And, hey, your call may be recorded. One reason being because we like to hear the smile in your voice. 😏

We think you'll like hearing it in ours, too.


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