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Posted on Wed, Jan 27, 2016 @ 09:30 AM by Felipe Lahrssen

Click here to download the guide now!Listen up, IT service providers and tech gurus! Through nexogy's Channel Partner program, you can earn the highest commission and residual rewards in the industry by selling nexogy products to businesses in your region. 

Our Channel Partners enjoy as much as 200% up-front commissions and 20% residual rewards for every sale. We provide all the training and materials our partners need to close deals and receive their benefits fast. 

Our partner portal and Knowledge Base make it easy to IT pros to refer, sell and install VoIP phone systems in their local area. We even send our partners leads based on their geographical location. The program helps nexogy offer hosted, cloud-based phone service to businesses across the U.S. - while putting additional money in our partners' pockets.

We've designed our partner sales process to be absolutely seamless. We want our Channel Partners to succeed - and even provide our partners with local leads to make sure that happens.

For more information on how you can earn easy commissions as a nexogy partner, check out our new guide,"nexogy's Channel Partner Program: What it Includes and How You Can Benefit." Download the guide today to learn:

  • Channel Partner tiers levels and training requirements
  • How our most successful partners find and close deals
  • What you can do to earn the highest commisions and residual rewards through the program

Click the button below and download your free guide!

Download the guide and become a nexogy Channel Partner today!

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