New Yealink devices! Hurray!

Posted on Thu, May 16, 2019 @ 09:09 AM by Brian Asher

Greetings from nexogy!

Have you been thinking about upgrading your desktop telephones? 


We're excited to share that we have added three new Yealink models to our catalog.  

The Yealink T5 Series was created for businesses that make and receive a high volume of calls. These phones provide you with the most advanced telephony features, including an HD communication experience that is out of this world. They have great flexibility and are made to last. 

By the way, we mean last as in this technology is so cutting edge, Yealink's calling these phones "future-proof!"

These phones aren't just awesome on the inside. They sport a sleek, new design with a large, high resolution screen. It's backlit and adjustable to provide the user with the optimal viewing experience. It makes navigating the dashboard a breeze.

The Yealink T5 Series comes equipped with Yealink Acoustic Shield technology. This amazing software operates using multiple microphones to actually create a sound shield around the user. It is perfect for a call center or any busy workspace because surrounding sounds virtually disappear. When activated, the person at the other end is able to stay focused on your conversation.

Your staff will be able to share content instantly with others on the line. This will enable them to reach a decision or resolve a problem quickly and efficiently.

Prime Business Phone T53 and T53WYealink T53-1

Are you just taking your business telephone system up a notch and heading to the cloud? Here's a phone created for the entry-level user. It is a good match for any common workspace. The fully adjustable screen is 3.7" with a 360x160-pixel display. Your staff will have access to 8 line keys, 12 SIP accounts and 21 memory keys! It has Bluetooth built right in, as well as a dual-port Gigabit Ethernet. There is one USB port and it has a wireless USB headset. The T53W also includes built in Wifi!  

T54WpngPrime Business Phone T54W

This mid-level phone is perfect for professionals and management with a moderate call load. The 480x272-pixel display screen is 4.3" and is fully adjustable. That's adjustable both in range of motion and lighting, too. It contains 10 line keys, 16 SIP keys, and 27 memory keys. It has built-in Wifi, Bluetooth, and dual-port Gigabit Ethernet. A USB port and a wireless USB headset complete the package.

EXP50 Color-Screen Expansion ModelEXP50

Phones aren't the only next new thing we added to our catalog this week. The EXP50 attaches to any phone in the T5 series. It has 20 buttons with 3 separate displays. Yes, that's a total of 60 configurable buttons! The 4.3" color screen seems huge! The easy to use interface coupled with advanced call-handling capabilities mean your office will monitor all contacts and handle your growing call volume with no problem!


Keeping our commitment to you

Our dedication to provide you with the next technology now is a breeze with Yealink's new T5 series! They're what we're all about. We like that term "future-proof."

Don't you?

But, we won't stop here because we keep our eye to the sky. And, contrary to that old saying, there is no limit!

nexogy has been in business since 1999. We are a group of people that believe that the cloud is the future of the telephony industry. As it continues to billow, we will, too! Our service is nothing short of stellar from the moment you contact us. We want to help your business take to the clouds.


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