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Posted on Tue, Jan 15, 2019 @ 12:00 AM by Brian Asher

It's not often you hear a business say they are thrilled to have hired a man with his head in the clouds.

But, when yourJim Koretz entire business focus is on the newest technology to hit the telephony industry, you make an exception! Operating in the cloud is what we're all about!

We are thrilled to introduce Jim Koretz as nexogy's newest team member. With an extensive background in VoIP services, he is known for his high degree of responsiveness in finding solutions to any problems clients may have. All the while, working with integrity. Here, at nexogy, those three facts alone would have made Jim a plausible candidate for hire. 

But, wait! There's more!

Jim knows the industry through and through. An independent distributor of VoIP products for the past few years, he is not just about making the sale. Instead, selling solutions is his area of expertise. What's that mean? It means he is not just in it to make a buck. His end goal is to win you over, completely!

Jim works with businesses to discover their needs and supplies them with the product that will enhance their business. Using intellect to eliminate sales obstacles through creative and adaptive approaches, Jim paves the way for long-term working relationships. 

In addition, Jim has quite an impressive work history. He has gained extensive experience in the field while working in the telephony industry.

One company being Alteva, a hosted VoIP provider using the BroadSoft platform. He, also, worked for SYNNEX, an industry leader in IT distribution and customer care outsourced services. They sell a private UC product with underlying BroadSoft technology.

While at RingCentral, he spent time in the Philippines at their call center. He studied the process and, then, assisted in launching a U.S. based sales team concentrating on large Enterprise opportunities selling VoIP services directly to end users. 

When at Onebox, a company focused on UC and Virtual PBX solutions, he was responsible for building their brand. He, also, produced a significant percent of the total revenue selling in excess of 7,000 accounts with annualized revenue of more than $5 million! He was, also, responsible for obtaining Onebox's single largest account of more than 650 seats during his time there. His retention rate for those sales made was an impressive 95%. We repeat, 95%! That speaks volumes toward his character trait of integrity, don't you think?  

Other work related experience? He knows his stuff right down to the SIP Endpoints (VoIP phone systems). During his time with Panasonic, he sold SIP Endpoints to large Direct Market Resellers upon product launch at trade shows and corporate headquarters, alike.

Jim's focus has been on selling midsize and enterprise accounts. He has an understanding of and builds relationships with large, midsize and SMB prospects that have led him to gaining accounts across a diverse set of vertical markets.

Yes, Jim Koretz knows his stuff and is eager to share his knowledge with anyone who cares to know. How about you? Are you curious about the VoIP phone systems and what they can do for your business?

That word integrity spoke volumes to us here at nexogy. That's how we operate. You can depend on us for a job well done from installation to continued customer service.

Ultimately, we agree with Jim when he said he believed his background in all areas of solution sales will allow him to make an immediate and positive impact at nexogy. And, a positive impact at nexogy, means a positive impact for you!

Contact us today!

You will not regret it. We will take you on a walk through the cloud and answer all your questions. The future will look so bright... You may want to wear shades.

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