Nexogy's Call Center Software Helps Eduka Group Manage Calls More Effectively

Posted on Fri, Nov 7, 2014 @ 09:04 AM by Carlos Lahrssen

For the Eduka Group, which runs four colleges in Puerto Rico and Florida, switching to Nexogy's cloud-based phone system in 2011 and later integrating their call center has enabled them to support 13,000 faculty and students, while also handling all the recruiting of new students in one phone system. The institutions served by Eduka Group are Instituto de Banca y Comercio (IBC), National University College (NUC), Ponce Paramedical College (POPAC) and Florida Technical College (FTC). 

The institutions within the Eduka Group, which is located in Guaynabo, PuertoRico, offer certificates, diplomas, and associate, bachelor's and master's degrees in many different subject areas. These colleges also feature the Eduka Online Program, allowing students to take courses and further their education without actually being present on campus. Since installing the phone system, Nexogy has been able to take over operations of the entire online program, allowing students to use the call center for questions to instructors and professors. 
Eduka Group

In 2015, Eduka plans to add 1,900 employees to communicate between locations in Puerto Rico and Florida. Expanding the number of phone lines in this way is easy to do with a cloud-based phone system, which allows unlimited expansion to unlimited locations. 

Complex Systems at a Fraction of the Cost

A complex phone system is needed to serve thousands of people over multiple locations and handle several completely different functions. The cloud-based system Nexogy has implemented for the Eduka Group has the needed features to handle recruiting new students, support for the inter-college online program, and support for the student and faculty needs of four different post-secondary institutions, each in a different location with a different academic focus, and even with different primary languages. 

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One System, Many Benefits

The phone system used by Eduka Group has offered great benefits for the colleges that use it. Calls are automatically routed to the person most available to answer, reducing on-hold and wait times. Calls are recorded so that they can be retrieved later to comply with government regulations on quality assurance and legal protection. Recorded calls can also be used as training tools to identify best practices and train new employees.

Reporting features can identify such cost-cutting variables as forecasting volumes so that staff can be decreased during slower hours, and identifying agents' productivity in order to help increase productivity when necessary. These reports are web-based and can be used on any web browser for easy access and availability. 

This phone system can work for companies with work-from-home staff as well as staff in many different locations. If call volume gets too high, Nexogy's smart rules will automatically send overflow calls to voicemail or other employees. Nexogy's system even allows companies to select customized music and create on-hold messages so that when calls do need to be put on hold or transferred to voicemail, there is still a personal touch.

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Carlos Lahrssen is president of Nexogy.



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