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Posted on Tue, Jul 9, 2019 @ 09:09 AM by Felipe Lahrssen

Our partners can add any service in the same nexogy bill, and collect 100% of the revenue.

In today’s market, nexogy realizes that partners need to provide their customers with complete solutions. We also ipad Black DNA product configrealize that custom tailored solutions can include things like hardware or managed services. Maybe you need to include things like cabling, PoE switches and headsets. These items can easily be added as NRC on the customer agreement. What about managed services like technical support, web hosting and cyber security? We have you covered there too; simply add them to the agreement as a MRC and the customers bill will include them alongside their nexogy services. The best part is...both NRC and MRC is paid at 100% pass-thru to our partners. For more information contact your Channel Manager.

At nexogy, we offer a billing and operations platform known as DNA. This can be a game-changer for the way that you operate.

Upfront Services

All sorts of upfront services can be charged easily to your customers. If you're one of our channel partners, you can charge customers on DNA without having to give up any of the revenue. This includes anything from installation of software to training. You may even want to mark up some hardware that you sell. It can all be done from our platform, allowing you to charge everyone with ease.


ipad Black DNA salesMonitoring payments will be easier, too. You can focus on billing more effectively without spending more time in the back office.

Recurring Charges

Monthly recurring charges can be handled with DNA, too. Network maintenance, support services, and any of the Nexogy products that your clients want to take advantage of can be billed. The collected charge will be yours or go to you as a master agent.

It can be a great way to ensure that you have regular revenue coming in from your clients. As you suggest more products, including the ones that we offer for managed voice and network, it allows you to increase your revenue stream.

With the way we operate, we are a blank product with 100 percent residual, allowing you to offer all of our services to your customers without actually being the one to provide them. You can market everything with your name while we run silently in the background.

Find out more about DNA at nexogy by contacting us today. It can be the best way to take your business (and your billing and operations) to the next level.


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